Woman arrested after punching guest at VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando


A New York woman has been arrested at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure theme park after an altercation erupted while queuing for the popular VelociCoaster attraction.

Credit: Universal Studios

Jurassic World (2015) Fans of all ages come to Universal Studios Orlando Resort for a ride on the all-new VelociCoaster attraction located in the popular theme park.

However, some theme park visitors may break the rules and even have altercations with others.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office recently revealed that a woman was arrested at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure theme park after getting into a fight with another park visitor while queuing for the VelociCoaster attraction.

Raptor in Velcicoaster
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According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, on July 9, Shaeika Allen, 28, was arrested for assault and battery after punching two other park visitors outside the VelociCoaster attraction. after being cut in line and having a glass spilled on her.

By Fox 35 Orlando:

Police said the officer spoke with the victim of the altercation, Misty Ownbey, 19, at the park’s first aid office. She reportedly told police she was with her brother, Matthew Ownbey, in the Velocicoaster area. Matthew then cut under the queue rope to line up with his sister.

However, the affidavit states at this point, a woman named Shaeika Allen, 28, and her niece were with their family in line and behind Misty. When Matthew got under the rope, his drink spilled out of his bag. back and on Shaeika.

Battles in front of the Velocicoaster attraction
Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

The incident happened in July, the day before the official opening of the new Jurassic World-themed tour.

The police report went on to state that Misty, the sister of the gentleman who was trying to catch up, was punched in the face by Shaeika after Park Guest Matthew Ownbey tried to defuse the situation.

The victim, Misty Ownbey, 19, told police that her brother tried to cut under the line of the queue to catch up with her. While doing so, his brother accidentally spilled a glass from his backpack on Allen and his niece, who were in line behind them.

Velocicoaster at Universal Studios Orlando
Credit: Universal

Fox 35 Orlando went on to say:

“Surveillance video obtained by the Orlando police officer who responded allegedly confirmed that an argument had arisen between the two parties. The niece walked over to Misty and pushed her in the chest. Matthew attempted to intervene and stop the two from fighting. Meanwhile, Shaeika threw several fists and one of them hit Misty in the face.

“Misty suffered a laceration to her face as well as bruises,” the affidavit states. The wound needs stitches or glue and will leave permanent scarring or disfigurement. “

The police report confirmed that Allen’s niece was “the primary perpetrator of the incident for the first physical attack.” Allen compounded the incident by launching the first closed strikes causing injuries, ”Orange County police said.

Credit: ITM

Shortly after the incident, Allen began walking towards the exit of Islands of Adventure when police stopped her.

She was then arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail. Allen, who has reportedly remained silent on the case, has no defense attorney listed and is expected to be brought to trial on Wednesday on a misdemeanor battery charge, according to Orange Circuit Court files online.

Credit: ITM

As a reminder, click on here to review the rules of behavior at the Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

Nonetheless, it always pays to be kind to others and to treat others with the respect you hope you will receive from those around you. Public situations are best not to make matters worse, especially in a crowded theme park!

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