Which Banks Have A Digital Account?


How to open and which banks have a digital account? Want to have a digital account is easy and secure, we have no doubts, but which banks offer this option? Thinking about the technological changes that accompany people’s lives, banks have also started offering digital bills. Digital accounts are 100% online, and provide convenience for customers who do not have to face queues to open an account, make account payment, transfer, and other services.

The digital account offers the same conditions of a traditional account, the difference and that there is no interaction with the cashier. To open a digital account you must have a valid CPF. Not all banks offer the digital account, so you should be aware to see which one gives you that option.

How to make a digital account?

 How to make a digital account?

In some cases you may have a bureaucracy, as in any account opening. Basically you need to download an application on your phone, register your data and deposit a value. But that varies a lot from the bank. It also varies package and service options. Remembering that it is not all banks that allow you to open a digital account without you personally going to an agency to open the account, and other banks also no longer rely on this type of service. And of course, one of the advantages in opting for the digital account is the savings in bank fees and practicality on a day-to-day basis.

Banks with 100% digital account

Banks Itaú, Bradesco and Banco do Brasil have recently stopped making the digital account. In a statement, Itaú Unibanco went on to explain the following: “The bank informs that it has suspended the marketing of its package of iConta services. The decision was based on internal research that pointed to the need to simplify its package shelf. Nothing changes for those who already have this package. “

List of banks offering digital account

List of banks offering digital account

Below is the list of banks that offers the digital account service. Before opening any account in one of the banks, stay tuned the rules. Remember that some also have fees!

Neom Bank: It is very simple to use the services and make the digital account in the Neom Bank. For this, you need to download the application on your phone or smartphone, make your online registration and open your account, the process is very uncomplicated, the same way as downloading an ordinary app.

It is not necessary to go to the bank to activate the account. However, it is necessary to be over 18 years old and have a valid, that is, regular, CPF. After opening the account must be deposited the amount of $ 100 or more, and then the card will be sent to your home. To get your questions about the Neom Bank service, go to the official website here.

Original bank has digital account

Original Bank: This bank is 100% digital, and its focus turns out to be high income consumers. It is not exempt from tariffs, only the first 90 days. To open the digital account, you do not have to deal with queues. Account opening is entirely online via mobile. The Original Bank states that:

  • All services can be done on your mobile phone, computer and tablet;
  • Unlocking of cards and passwords by the application;
  • The Financial Manager that categorizes your expenses automatically Pay your purchases with the credit card points at any time you want;

Doubts, documents and more information you can access clicking here:

Intermedium: now this bank is called Banco Inter. The bank states that the opening of the Digital Current Account is simple, fast and free of charge. And the best, you do not have to leave the house! Just fill out the form and send the requested documents at the end of the process, through the application.

One of the advantages is that at the time of the opening of Banco Inter Digital Account you receive a MasterCard enabled in the debit function to make purchases and withdrawals at the Banco 24 Hour Network. You can track the whole process of moving through the application. They do not have ATMs of their own, but they offer unlimited withdrawals from Banco24Horas and Cirrus Network boxes. To know the entire account procedure, click here.

Santander – SuperDigital: was announced in 2016 the SuperDigital which is a prepaid account opened through an application. To do so you must access the SuperDigital account website and enter your personal data, then just wait for the credit analysis and approval of your account or not.

Reminder: When opting for a digital account you must be aware of the services offered. This is because the full package service may not always be included. So, when choosing the digital account, check it out! Of course, some accounts are very similar and others do not have as much advantage as they charge extra fees for any product used.

But the most important thing is to find a digital bank that best meets your needs and that lowers your bank rates so you save yourself some money every month.


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