What Is the Time Limit for the Prescription of Debt to Clear the Name?


Clear the name and prescription of debts, this is perhaps one of the great concerns of who is in debt, especially for those who intend to clear the name. “Each type of debt has a deadline to prescribe,” so what are. Keeping the name on the list of delinquents is one of the worst situations in a citizen’s life. What many people are unaware of is that even if they expire or prescribe the debt they can continue, in some cases the name remains “dirty” even after the legal deadlines.

Knowing how long the name gets dirty in the square is a search engine champion on www.google.com, many want to know how to clear the name of the organs and others just want to know how long it will take for the dirty name to leave the SPC, Serasa or CCF and get rid of debt, ledo mistake.

According to Idec – Brazilian Institute of Consumer Protection, the name of the debtor enrolled as a defaulter can not remain on the list of debtors for more than 5 years, an important detail that is sometimes disregarded by some institutions and collection companies.

Serasa promotes the Fair Name Fair for indebted people

Clear name with square restraint with instructions

“The improper collection by companies and institutions after the prescription of debts is illegal, the creditors can only carry out the collection within the time limit. If, by chance, such a charge is made to the consumer, he must file a written complaint, seek Procon and / or file a lawsuit demanding damages “

The collection time varies according to the type of debt, because it has specific deadlines the consumer should be aware of the charges made by the creditors and outsourced companies hired for this purpose.

Let’s look at the examples, people who became delinquent due to:

1 -) Rent: rents, can be charged for the period of 3 years;
2 -) Consumer accounts: bank account debts, credit cards and health plans are 5 years to collect;
3 -) Utilities: utility bills such as water, electricity and telephone bills lapse 5 years after the start date of the default.

How to clear the name with restriction in SPC and Serasa?

Clear your name! Why clean the name. Is restricted

Clearing the list name

Clearing the list name

You are willing to clean the name registered in the SPC – Credit Protection Service, Serasa or another entity of register of defaulters like the CCF, the rule is very simple for all the cases, in general the only work of the consumer is to locate, to pay and wait for the body to clear the name of the register.

1 ) The first step is to locate and / or seek the institution, credit company or collection office to negotiate or renegotiate the debt to have the status of the cadastral situation cleared (clear the name);

2 -) The second step is to make the agreement, sign the contract and make payment in cash or installment of the debt;

3 -) The third step is to request the contract or corresponding document that proves the discharge of your debt;

4 -) The fourth step, the lender itself must forward a discharge notice for the debt clearing organs to clear the name of the debtor list.

If you want to know where you owe, the total debts corresponding to your CPF, just go directly to the branches of the SPC or Serasa with your personal documents. To request the exclusion of your name from the register, take a simple copy of the document that proves the debt settlement, along with an original and ask them to clear your name .

Still unable to clear the name of SPC and Serasa

How can I really “clear the name of protection organs”?


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