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As Halloween approaches, ghost decorations have started popping out, skeletons have taken up residence in your neighbor’s yard, and spooky stories are being told around the campfire.

National Ghost Hunting Day is September 24, and it’s the perfect time to visit one of Connecticut’s spooky places with supernatural stories. Challenge your family to spend a night at the 1754 House in Woodbury, known as one of the most haunted inns in the United States. Visit the Mark Twain House in Hartford at night on his annual Graveyard Shift Ghost Tours and hear the stories of Sam Clemens and his family. Ride one of Bristol’s Lake Compounce attractions, known for the drowning of Chief Compounce.

Here’s a list we’ve compiled with some of the scariest places in Connecticut.

The Old State House would be haunted by the ghosts of his past. Visitors to the Old State House have reported strange footsteps and ghostly assembly meetings. The building’s past is quite famous as New England’s first witch was hanged here in 1647. Additionally, the ghost of painter and museum keeper Joseph Steward roams the grounds.

Sam Clemens – also known as Mark Twain – and his family built and lived in this house in the late 1800s. Since the house was restored, there have been reports of creepy and unexplained encounters. Take a guided tour Cemetery Ghost Tour from home from September 30 until October 29 to experience the supernatural for yourself. Tours are not recommended for children under 10 years old.

Abigail’s Grill & Wine Bar (formerly Pettibone Tavern) in Simsbury was once part of the Underground Railroad. A little girl is said to haunt the restaurant after being murdered there over 200 years ago. Furniture moving mysteriously, lights turning on or off, and strange noises have all been reported.

Stories of Compound Lake to be haunted go back centuries. As the oldest amusement park in the world, reports of hauntings began in the 1800s. This was after Chief Compounce, the former owner of the land, drowned in the lake the day before the handover land to promoters. Each building on the property is said to experience some type of activity. Most reports have implicated the Star Light Ballroom.

Dare to hike Sleeping Giant State Park? At the top of Sleeping Giant, a man dressed in all black was reported wandering the grounds near where the castle is. Reports say the man looks normal, but has a white ring around his left arm. If you approach him, he disappears.




Our picks of activities and places to visit this weekend

Bruce Museum is no stranger to paranormal reporting. The story goes that two Irish servants working in the mansions of Belle Haven in the late 1800s fell in love. The boy is said to have played his flute for her, near what is now the Bruce Museum. The two had planned to get married, but the boy disappeared. The heartbroken girl returned to Ireland where she died.

In the early 1900s reports began to come in of two ghosts outside the museum, a man playing a small flute to a young girl. One person reported hearing an evil voice beckoning them into the mansion. The two ghosts still refused to enter the current Bruce Museum, claiming they could never leave. Then they disappear.

One of the best-known haunted places in the state, try spending a night at Captain Grant. Residents of Poquetanuck have reported ghosts at the inn, which dates back to 1754. Guests have reported footsteps in the attic, the feeling of someone stroking their face, a shower repeatedly blowing off from the wall and loud noises from outside the front door when nobody is there. The stories say that ghosts are meant to be protective and not evil.

The Nathan Hale Farm had reports of ghosts wandering his grounds and house at night. The stories say that Nathan Hale’s father, Deacon Hale, would have looked out the window of the house.

Formerly known as Curtis House, the 1754 House Inn & Restaurant was featured in an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s “Hotel Hell.” Ramsey claimed to feel uncomfortable and had difficulty leaving his room. The building is believed to be one of the most haunted hostels in the United States. Over the past three centuries there have been reports of strange music and disembodied voices and footsteps. Some of the sightings claim a man wearing typical 17th or 18th century clothing, a man dressed in Confederate attire in the liquor room, the ghost of former laborer Joseph Hardesty, and a woman actively bothering visitors to his home. .

Devil’s Hopyard State Park in East Haddam has been named after him since colonial times. Puritans believed it was Satan’s hideout and that visitors who wandered too deep into the woods would lose their souls to the devil, according to legend. Hikers to date have claimed to hear demonic voices in the park.

The Warner Theater in Torrington is said to be haunted by Murph. Stories go that Murph was a homeless man seeking refuge in the theater. But once inside, he fell down the stairs. Theater visitors have reported cold air in hot weather, lights mysteriously going out, and strange activity on the balcony.


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