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West Virginia is home to some of the most beautiful and wild terrain on the East Coast, making it a year-round paradise for outdoor adventure. Playgrounds for caving, hiking, climbing, camping, boating, rafting, and fishing can be found in its rugged mountainous terrain, heavily forested wilderness, and fast-flowing rivers.

The state is known for its wonderful ski resorts that offer a variety of exciting snow sports in the winter. Active travelers will never be short of things to do in this stunning state. While many visitors come to the state for these outdoor activities and scenic landscapes, West Virginia actually has a lot more to offer in terms of tourist attractions, historic sites in Harpers Ferry and the elegant Greenbrier and its famous golf courses at very unusual sites. attractions, such as a penitentiary or a visit to a haunted park.


Shawnee Lake Amusement Park is classified as one of the most terrifying places in america by Travel Channel and one of the 10 most haunted places in the world, according to ABC. The park offers tours in October, an adventure not to be missed for thrill seekers.

Everything you need to know about the intriguing Shawnee Lake Amusement Park

Most people believe that Shawnee Lake Amusement Park was damaged long before local businessman Conley Snidow began construction of the round swing.

Anyone familiar with the area would tell visitors that the green field should not have been used as a carnival. However, in hindsight, most things seem clear.

Snidow had no idea the land had been through decades of terrible upheaval when he bought it in the 1920s.

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Shawnee Lake’s turbulent history dates back to the 18th century. Mitchell Clay moved his small family west in the late 1700s. They started a farm on 800 acres and raised 14 children. In 1783, tragedy befell the Clay family.

While Mitchell was out hunting, a Native American group kidnapped two of the children. Ezekiel, one of the youngsters they kidnapped, was then burned alive at the stake.

Clay fired back. He tracked down many Native Americans and murdered them with the help of other settlers.

The damaged farm wasn’t the same after that. It was not until the 1920s that the Clay property began to attract attention.

At that time, Snidow showed up with its rides and entertainment, including a speakeasy, dance hall, waterslide, and circular swings.

A pond with a swimming hole and boats were also added by him. Things started to go wrong at some point.

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Fans of Lake Shawnee know the facts well: a child drowned in the pond and a young girl perished on the swings.

During the amusement park’s short existence, around six guests have died. The attraction was closed in 1966.

The rides colored in red, green and turquoise gradually faded and chipped. They quickly left the restless undergrowth with their rusty bones.

The White family made the choice not to defy fate. They did not build commons; they just left the rides and cemetery alone, keeping Lake Shawnee a true Mercer County attraction.

For years, paranormal investigators and ghost hunters have been drawn to the deserted amusement park. Visitors have reported hearing children, strange songs and footsteps.

Sometimes a swing will move independently. Once, someone got stuck inside a dilapidated ticket office, despite the doors not locking.

Dare to make exceptional visits

Are the ghosts of Lake Shawnee real? Tourists can now form their own opinion.

Despite being on private land, there are recurring paranormal excursions throughout the year. Usually visitors can also make a private agreement with the owners for a viewing by simply calling them before leaving for the viewing.

Alternatively, tourists are recommended to go during the Black Carnival in October. They’ll get there at dusk, just as the skeletal trees and creaking carousels begin to take shade.

People who have visited the park during its hours of operation or have had strange encounters share their stories about Shawnee Lake, organize tours and light a bonfire.

There’s also a scary corn maze filled with clowns with a ghost road through it. If participants dare, they can even set up camp.

Black Carnival Tickets and Dates

dark carnival takes place every Friday and Saturday evening in October! Visitors can attend a special Halloween weekend that lasts four days in a row from Friday to Monday and purchase the ticket that matches the experience they want.

A Slaughterhouse ticket gives them access to the Slaughterhouse Haunt in Lake Shawnee. People will experience Slaughterhouse 2022 and walk through a spooky haunted maze.

Do visitors have the courage to enter?

  • Black Carnival Slaughterhouse Ticket: From $22

A photo and story ticket for the Shawnee Lake tour is also available. People will explore the deserted amusement park on a guided or unguided tour.

They can learn about the park’s past, visit its oldest rides up close, and enjoy other activities like storytelling around a campfire.

  • Black Carnival Photo & Story Tickets: From $27

A combo ticket grants access to both the photo and history tour as well as the Slaughterhouse Haunt. Visitors have access to both attractions for a more rewarding experience.

  • Combined ticket: From $45

The Ultimate Experience ticket grants access to the Night Experience, Photo and History Tour, and the Slaughterhouse Haunt.

Event attendees can stay the night and enjoy the attractions for the best possible event experience!


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