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The other
9:30 p.m., BBC One

“Have you tried cranberry juice?” GP receptionist Marilyn (Siobhán Finneran) asks a UTI patient. “I have to say it never worked for me, but it goes with vodka.” It’s the kind of line that makes the second season of Holly Walsh’s comedy about two formerly estranged sisters Cathy (Ellie White) and Cat (Lauren Socha) worth catching up with. Tonight is Valentine’s Day. Hollie Richardson

Our Lives: Cornwall’s Craziest Wave
7:30 p.m., BBC One

The strong winds off the north Cornish coast make it a surfer’s paradise. So could this provide giant wave-obsessed Tom Butler with the ultimate challenge? Hearing of a potential monster two miles from St Ives, he seeks a unique thrill in this documentary. Jack Seale

Feature of water…another invention in Richard Hammond’s Crazy Contraptions. Photo: Channel 4

Richard Hammond’s Crazy Engines
8 p.m., Channel 4

The nominal question for tonight’s episode of the show where Hammond asks engineers to automate his chores with Wallace and Gromit-esque devices: can you water the garden while sitting in front of the TV? The real thing you’ll be wondering: the presenter doesn’t actually live in this Downton Abbey-like mansion – does he? Alexis Duggins

Here we are
8:30 p.m., BBC One

A second helping of Katherine Parkinson hit the screen this week, returning as patient mom Rachel in this enjoyable family sitcom. Tonight, the Jessops visit an old enemy of the family – who once dated Rachel and apparently cheated Paul (Jim Howick) out of a spot on the Olympic team. HOUR

The Terror: Infamy
9 p.m., BBC 2

Luz and Chester struggle with the loss of their children this week – the former is haunted by ghostly visions, while the latter must deal with a delirious prisoner. Meanwhile a questionnaire on Japanese loyalty divides the camp. For viewers longing for true horror, this episode is a welcome change of gears. Henry Wong

Let’s make a love scene
10 p.m., Channel 4

Ellie Taylor returns with another singleton ready to recreate famous movie scenes with single strangers. This time rugby player Lailand is the main man, starring in scenes inspired by Mr & Mrs Smith, 9½ Weeks and Out of Sight. HOUR

Back in black… The Predator.
Back in black… The Predator. Photography: 20TH CENTURY FOX/Allstar

Choice of movies

The Predator, Friday, 9 p.m., Film4 After its instantly iconic first entry, the Predator series has been an exercise in diminishing returns. Predator 2 replaced tension with silliness, and you’d be forgiven for forgetting that 2010’s dismal Predators were never made. With 2018’s The Predator, however, the balance began to reset. Co-written and directed by Shane Black (who had a small role in the first film), it’s the goriest and funniest of the sequels, which is (almost) a reminder that the key to a good Predator movie is simply to react to the chaos caused by a ruthless alien killer. Not perfect, but a step in the right direction. Stuart Legacy

Jackass 4.5, starting Friday, Netflix Jackass movies are produced in a way that always creates an overabundance of unseen stunts, so a Jackass 4.5 – recut and filled with snippets previously left on the floor – was always inevitable. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll just be scraps and scraps. After all, Jackass 4 was by far the most enjoyable film in the series. With the cast now in their 50s, their absurd nihilism was tinged with an autumnal melancholy, as if they were finally coming to terms with mortality. If the new clips are as weirdly touching as those of its parent film, that will be great. Asshole forever! SH

Live Sports

Premiership rugby union, Wasps v Sale Sharks, 7pm, BT Sport 1 Cover of Ricoh Arena.


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