The “turn situation” helped the jets overtake the Texans


The winning draw deferral rule was instituted in 2008, and over the seasons most coaches have decided that most of the time when they win the draw they will postpone their return / comeback decision. until the second half. The reason, of course, is to create a touchdown sandwich – score a TD to close the first half, then get the second half kick-off and score another TD.

As first-year Jets head coach Robert Saleh calls it, “a turn situation.”

That opportunity doesn’t seem to happen much – except perhaps for the Patriots, who popularized the postponement call. But the situation arose for the Jets in Houston last Sunday and worked wonderfully. We’ll let Saleh describe the process.

“The offense scored just before the end of half time,” Saleh said newyorkjets.comis Eric Allen this week. “The defense got up with a two-minute save. And we almost had a chance with that [partially] stuck punt at the end of the first where we could have passed them, you know, doubled them. But we had the ball to start the second half, the offense goes straight to the pitch.

“So you watch this streak.… It was 14-3, we’re struggling.… And we get this nice long drive to end the half to bring it down to 14-11. Then we bring the ball back to start. the second half and boom! It’s 18-14, just like that. And the whole game shifts into two sets. … Being able to pass them in this situation corrected all the wrongs of the first half and Got us into a really cool second half. “

As we said, this does not happen often. Here are recent examples of what we’ll call, just for fun, “half-time clubs on a touchdown toast” for the Jets and their opponents, with scores at key points. Keep in mind that to be on this list of sandwiches a team only needs to do five things: (a) win the first pitch and postpone, (b) score in the last two minutes of the first half. time, (c) keep opponents scoreless at 0:00, (d) choose to receive the second half kick-off, and (e) immediately score another TD.

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