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The Art Center Theater will open its doors in 2022 with the joyous musical adventures of Stephen Sondheim through ancient Rome. “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” has desperate lovers, scheming neighbors, and a secret behind every gown as the cunning slave Pseudolus tries to win the hand of a beautiful, slow-witted courtesan for his young master, Hero, in exchange for his freedom.

But, of course, no prank would be complete without twists and turns, with cases of mistaken identity, slamming doors, and a showgirl or two. And it’s all performed to music by Stephen Sondheim in this Tony Award-winning piece.

Directed by Karrie Bailey with musical direction from Danielle Flury-Downey, the musical features Caleb Namey as hero, Kaileigh Moran as Philia, Richard Flury as Senex, Julie Imbrogono as Domina, Kyle Flanagan as Hysterium, Timmy Spence as Lucus, Gary Ammerman Peuudolus as Pam Hall as Gymnasia, Tom Venable as Erronius Justin Zacek as Miles Gloriosus, Lisa Peterson as Tintinabula Dianne Klatt as Panacea, Pat and Kelly Maynard S[animateurcommeBeninaeJoniSteffenscommeFibrataetRJCantagalioGeorgeLivermoreetHarlinVermeerenProtéens[emceeastheBeninaeJoniSteffensasFibrataandRJCantagalioGeorgeLivermoreandHarlinVermeerasProteans[animateurcommeBeninaeJoniSteffenscommeFibrataetRJCantagalioGeorgeLivermoreetHarlinVermeerenProtéens[emceeastheBeninaeJoniSteffensasFibrataandRJCantagalioGeorgeLivermoreandHarlinVermeerasProteans

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Nicole Moran is the director and the play is performed on a set built by Set Construction Coordinator Gary Boesch and the Set Construction Team of Michael Wells, Chris Peters, Bill Dagenhart, Doug Haynes and Richard Flury.

The set was painted by Todd Mast, with a decorative wall painting by Doug, Dianna, Hannah, and Laura Haynes. Doug Haynes built the bust and Karrie Bailey was responsible for the props. Dianna Haynes created the lighting and sound design and Sandy Hynes and Ralph Shaffer run the technical booth in the theater where lighting and sound are controlled.

The play will take place on two weekends, opening January 7 and closing January 16. The performances will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets cost $ 21 and are available at the box office on the Art Center campus or by calling 352-746-7606. The ticket office is open 1 to 4 weekdays and one hour before the performances.

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