The 6 Dinosaur Theme Parks and Resorts in the Jurassic Park Franchise Explained


Throughout the jurassic park franchise, there have been a number of dinosaur-themed resorts and theme parks in various stages of development. Each location paints a picture of what Jurassic Park’s success could have looked like if John Hammond had succeeded or its failure if Ian Malcolm was right again. It does not matter, whether it is a partner site or a successor, jurassic park represented more than a singular place, but rather the greatest ambitions of a man who tried to create something wonderful.

In the jurassic park movies and novels, John Hammond ran a business of cloning extinct animals for the modern age. Using dinosaur DNA found in fossilized amber, Hammond’s research company InGen managed to recreate prehistoric life, which they planned to make the ultimate tourist attraction. However, as one of the most important and groundbreaking insights in human history, it turned out to be a Sisyphean enterprise as InGen staff attempted to understand their animals, their technology and their audience. Though it seemed every time, due to negligence, hubris and ignorance, InGen’s Mesozoic Menagerie managed to find a way to create unimaginable chaos.


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John Hammond had bigger plans and different strategies to show his dinosaurs to the world. Hammond’s plans for Jurassic Park understandably changed as his ideas developed. Outside of Isla Nublar, there were other proposals to expand the original resort, and they all have a unique location surrounding the series canon. Either way, Isla Nublar was neither the beginning nor the end of Hammond’s vision for a dinosaur zoo and only added to the tragedy of all he lost. Here are all the dinosaur parks in the jurassic park franchise.

Jurassic Park: San Diego

Peter Ludlow's Jurassic Park Model: San Diego

Jurassic Park: San Diego was the original site of John Hammond’s dream and where he intended to settle. A facility with a massive arena as its centerpiece, this Jurassic Park was a more traditional zoo designed by InGen to rival other San Diego attractions. However, the site was abandoned nearly complete when Hammond set his sights on the much larger Isla Nublar.

In The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Hammond’s nephew, Peter Ludlow, planned to complete the project and recover whatever dinosaurs they could from InGen’s cloning facilities at Site B. After tranquilizing and transporting a pair of tyrannosaurs aboard a ship, disaster struck when one of the dinosaurs escaped and ran amok. in San Diego. The facility and its iconic amphitheater were briefly glimpsed in the finale of The Lost World: Jurassic Park when Ian Malcolm and Sara Harding tried to lure the escaped T-rex back to the ship with her child. What happened to Jurassic Park: San Diego after that remains unknown.

jurassic park

Welcome to Jurassic Park

Isla Nublar was to be the jewel in InGen’s crown, a pinnacle of modern science and the foundation of a new financial enterprise. John Hammond envisioned the island as a theme park, resort, and prehistoric preserve. Heavily regulated, reliant on experimental technology, and featuring high-tech attractions like its computer-automated safari, Jurassic Park was to be the flagship of a one-of-a-kind vacation experience where people could see and interact with extinct animals. .

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Beneath all the wonder Jurassic Park had to offer, there were bugs to fix before opening day, and they were bigger than the Meganeuras buzzing around the Sauropod paddock. Sick dinosaurs and poisonous plants were just some of the problems scientists didn’t anticipate, but they weren’t the reason Jurassic Park ultimately failed. Before the station could open, a test audience arrived to prove that Isla Nublar was viable and safe. However, a violent storm, planned sabotage by employee Dennis Nedry, and dinosaurs escaping during the chaos were the final nails in Jurassic Park’s amber-covered coffin. Unlike the jurassic park novels, in which napalm bombs destroyed the island, in films, InGen facilities were abandoned until jurassic world.

Jurassic Park: Europe & Jurassic Park: Japan

Jurassic Park Dining Room Europe Ellie Sattler

Much like Disneyland, John Hammond envisioned partner parks in Europe and Asia. InGen had planned to build them respectively in the Azores in Portugal and at a site somewhere near Japan. Perhaps the most mysterious of the parks, they were to begin construction after the success of the original park on Isla Nublar.

In the movies, other than a brief appearance of Jurassic Park: Europe in the boardroom scene, not much else is said about the parks. However, Telltale’s dubious canon Jurassic Park: The Game gives a better overview of the European status of Jurassic Park. According to InGen Field Guide, Jurassic Park: Europe was the next big project to be undertaken with the cooperation of the Portuguese government. Meanwhile, beyond Michael Chrichton’s books, Jurassic Park: Japan has barely been mentioned. It is unlikely that either park has exceeded preliminary planning and hopes for the future.

Jurassic Park: Island Aventura

A family at the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride at Universal Studios

In an alternate universe where Jurassic Park always failed, he was given new life and a successful second chance. In the film, when Hammond lamented that he should have built in Florida, he took the creation of a second park to heart. Known as Isla Aventura, this Jurassic Park was built in a geographically nebulous location somewhere off the coast of the United States or near Orlando. Unlike the previously mentioned parks, this one exists and receives tourists daily at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

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Although he never appeared in the movies or the novels, a special from the late 90s explained the backstory of Isla Aventura, presented the construction of the park and described the alternate history created from jurassic park. Additionally, actor Richard Attenborough reprized his role as John Hammond for the Jurassic Park River Adventure queue video, explaining how things have changed from what happened on Isla Nublar. These days, the story Universal is developing for its Florida theme park is cloudy, as newer attractions suggest a transition to jurassic world. It is unknown if Isla Aventura still exists or has been abandoned to make way for the Velocicoaster and Raptor Encounter premises.

jurassic world

jurassic world gates

The successor to the original jurassic parka team eventually managed to save Isla Nublar and open a working theme park and resort in 2005. Designed to be everything John Hammond envisioned before his death, industrialist Simon Masrani took jurassic park to the next level. With high-tech attractions such as the Gyrospheres and the Mosasaur Lagoon, it enabled an unprecedented level of animal interactivity. Additionally, its amenities offered unparalleled luxury compared to Isla Nublar’s antecedent. Although pushing science towards more disturbing applications, their scientists created dinosaur hybrids such as Scorpios rex and Indominus rex.

the jurassic world the films chronicle the fall of the theme park and how it grew in ways never intended beyond the park’s towering wooden gates. The Indominus rex was a new species of dinosaur synthesized to be the ultimate predator and a new attraction for “scare children.” Proving to be smarter and more powerful than the creators of the I-rex ever acknowledged, he escaped from captivity to cause irreparable damage to the station. Forced into a final confrontation with Jurassic Park’s T-rex and a new team of trained raptors, the creature drowned when it was snagged by the Mosasaur. This was not the end of Isla Nublar, however, which came into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. When the island’s volcano, Mount Sibo, threatened to destroy all the dinosaurs living among the ruins left in Jurassic World’s afterwards, a secret expedition led by Hammond’s former partner, Benjamin Lockwood, aimed to save the animals from extinction. After the volcano died out and destroyed the remains of Isla Nublar, Lockwood’s granddaughter released the rescued dinosaurs back to the mainland into the wild, with Ian Malcolm proclaiming: “Welcome to Jurassic World.

John Hammond dreamed of doing the impossible, and just like animals cloned by InGen, he evolved. jurassic park as a series is a beautiful and tragic insight into how even the most promising plans, with the best of intentions, don’t always work out, no matter how much people want them to. There is a poetic irony that began with a single zoo and a wish to introduce dinosaurs to the world, expanded and expanded by the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdombut not in the way InGen never intended, with John Hammond’s legacy now free in nature and unrestrained.

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