Tale behind Opryland’s most famous and restless mind


NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WKRN) – For more than two decades, Opryland USA has been one of Nashville’s most famous attractions. The theme park has drawn guests from all over the country, but there are stories of a restless spirit spooking both guests and workers.

According to Allen Sircy, author of Ghost Stories of South Opryland, the “old lady” whose mind lingered even after Opryland became Opry Mills, is Mary Louise Bransford McGavock. She died in 1965, leaving her belongings at her church, where Opry Mills is now located.

“She left all of the land, the land next to the Cumberland River, at her church and asked that the land be used as an orphanage or for a school,” said Sircy. However, his last wishes were not honored, “Soon after, WSM bought it and built a theme park. So after the theme park got up and opened in 1972, people moved on. started to see an old lady walking around at night.

According to legend, the spirit of Mary McGavock haunted Opryland and her presence was felt in Opry Mills as well.

“She was chasing people. They would see her in the kiosks, they would see her here by the rides. And that freaked out a lot of people. Well, they closed the park in ’99 and now they see her in the mall, ”says Sircy.

Sircy adds that workers noticed paranormal activity in the mall.

“People in stores say things are jumping off the shelves. They will come in the morning and find things on the floor. They hear noises all the time. Guess the ghosts of Opryland followed all the way to Opry Mills.

You can read more about the ghost of Mary McGavock in Allen Sircy’s book available on Amazon.


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