‘Succession’ Season 3, Episode 3: Head Spaces and Hullabaloo


First: the not-so-playful sparring, which gets rougher every minute. At Waystar, Logan and his followers are annoyed by Kendall for an interview where he made noise about “planting a flag” within the company, while saying of his family, “I’m just really happy in my life. headspace and I hope they’re happy in theirs. Roman mercilessly laughs in the office, tossing the term “free space” happily. (Imitating his brother, Roman adds, “I like it. my kids, uh, Blur Face and Who Cares. ”)

Shiv, however, believes it is time for a more aggressive public response to Kendall, whose accusations and self-glorifying statements dominate the business news. She begins by attending the annual Committee for the Protection and Welfare of Journalists fundraising gala, where she fends off an enemy of ATN by reminding him that her father’s business has supported many local newspapers. She stands up for Logan the only way she knows how: Through the tasteless talking points, she can half convince herself, she believes.

Next, Shiv meets Kendall; and this is where this episode starts to take a turn. He offers a sweet quasi-excuse for his misogynistic rant on their last meeting. (“Maybe I threw some ugly rocks.”) But when she tries to get him to promise that he won’t cause an ugly scene upon entering Waystar’s offices, he smiles. Seeing her sister do the kind of thankless hacking job in front of the audience that was her job prompts her to say, seriously, “Look at this. It’s you now. I’m sorry for you.”

Worse than winning his brother’s pity, Shiv may have given him an idea. Kendall actually decides, almost on a whim, to show up at the Waystar Building, hoping to generate more positive publicity through an act of open rebellion. The whole sequence where Kendall walks in, just before an employee “town hall” is organized by Shiv, is incredibly tense, as no one really knows what legal right they have to remove him.

That’s something that pops up a lot in this episode: the right chain of command in this new reality where Logan claims, for legal and PR reasons, that he’s no longer in charge. Can Gerri make a deal with the Israelis without Logan’s approval? Does Waystar’s security have to follow Logan’s orders when Kendall – still technically an employee and a shareholder – tries to pass? Can staff refuse to admit court officials with summons? Can Logan threaten his ex-pal, the President of the United States, with bad ATN coverage if the Justice Department doesn’t back down?

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