Spy x Family Musical Reveals More Cast Members


Japan has proven its love for all things anime over the decades, not only churning out new franchises at a blistering pace, but producing works that often don’t make it to other countries. This is the case when it comes to live-action plays, as many properties have made their way to these unique productions, including My Hero Academia, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, and countless others. Now, Spy x Family is set to receive not only a play, but said performance will also be a musical.

Typically, for Japanese musicals like this, the main characters can be played by two actors, with Loid and Yor, aka Twilight and the Thorn Princess, who will be played by Win Morisaki and Mikazuki Munechika for the former and Fuka Yuzuki and Mirei. Sasaki for the latter. With the latest additions to the cast, it looks like the musical, which will arrive next March in Japan, will follow the story of the anime’s first course.

Yuri Briar, Yor’s brother and state agent, will be played by both Okamiya Raimu and Tsubasa Takizawa. Fiona Frost will be played by actor Nonoka Yamaguchi. Loid’s eccentric friend Frankie Franklin will be played by Kento Kiuchi. Eden College principal Henry Henderson will be played by Soma Suzuki. Finally, Twilight boss Sylvia Sherwood will be played by Morning Summer Manato. As of now, the play hasn’t played one of Anya’s most prominent roles, although the official website says the audition process is underway.

Twitter Outlet WSJ Manga has compiled what each of these actors will look like in their respective roles when Spy x Family the musical is coming March next year:

The previous version for Spy x Family music cast included:

  • Yuri Briar: Kurumu Okamiya / Tsubasa Takizawa
  • Fiona Frost as Nonoka Yamaguchi
  • Franky Franklin as Kento Kiuchi
  • Henry Henderson: Souma Suzuki
  • Sylvia SherwoodManato Asaka
  • Dominica: Kazuya Naraki

Surprisingly, another great anime franchise is currently working on a new live music production like The attack of the Titans is looking to release a new piece in the future, but given its dark subject matter, it will be interesting to see the final product.

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