S2 E2 “The Devil and the Hero Go to the Amusement Park as Advised”


The following contains spoilers for The Devil Is Part-Time! Season 2, Episode 2, “The Devil and the Hero Go to the Amusement Park as Suggested,” now streaming on Crunchyroll

Picking up where Episode 1 left off, Maou and Emi are at a loss for words about the existence of Alas Ramus – a toddler who claims to be Satan’s daughter with Emilia. While processing their new reality, Alas Ramus moans uncontrollably, making everyone around her anxious. She insists that she is truly the daughter of Satan and Emilia and seeks comfort from her mother. Luckily for everyone, Emil manages to put the girl to sleep. While Alas Ramus sleeps, Maou, Emilia and their respective circle of friends try to speculate on his origins.

Urushihara wants to know why the girl thinks her father is Satan, with Chiho speculating that the girl most likely imprinted herself on the first people she saw as a newborn. Urushihara clarifies her question by pointing out that the girl knew that Maou and Satan were one and the same and wants to know how she knows. Maou assumes she heard someone call her “Satan” and Ashiya asks if that same person sent her a girl dressed as an apple. Emi speculates that whoever sent her could easily be an enemy or an ally and is likely to appear soon. Ashiya wonders if this person could be Sariel, but Suzuno doubts as the girl’s name is not from the sky, but from a human Ente Islan language.

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Maou eventually concludes that they won’t know the girl’s true identity until whoever sent her shows up. Urushihara then points to the other pressing problem: who will take care of the girl in the meantime. Emi states that she cannot take care of herself as she lives alone and works during the week. Ashiya also expresses concern that she cannot support her with her current budget and is not comfortable leaving the toddler in the care of three men. Chiho also can’t help since she’s a high school student who lives with her parents, and bringing a toddler home would raise too many questions. Finally, Suzuno volunteers to foster the girl given her experience with children when she worked for the church. Maou finally decides to take care of the toddler himself.

At Kyūdō practice the next day, Chiho’s friend asks her if she finally confessed her feelings for Maou at her workplace. Chiho confirms that she did, but has yet to receive her response, stating – without too many details – that he doesn’t consider her an equal. Unaware of Maou’s secret, Chiho’s friend suggests going to the MgRonald for a surprise meeting, but Chiho objects for obvious reasons.

Chiho later stops by the pharmacy to buy some baby supplies to take home to Maou. When she arrives, she is greeted by a tired Ashiya, who has been up all night tending to the toddler, who kept asking for Emi. Surprisingly, she didn’t fuss when given udon noodles to eat and quickly fell asleep. As Ashiya expresses her gratitude to Chiho for her help, Suzuno arrives with a bento lunch and an energy drink for him. Unfortunately for Ashiya, Alas Ramus wakes up soon after to resume his wailing. Luckily for Ashiya, Chiho deduces that the girl just needs a diaper change, which keeps her from crying.

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At Emi’s workplace, her co-worker Suzuki notices something is wrong based on how she behaves at work and correctly deduces that she and Maou have a child together. This makes Emi even less comfortable and tries to distract herself with work. Emi and Suzuki discuss the matter further after their shift ends, with the latter providing Emi with amusement park tickets for her “daughter”.

Later that day, Chiho and Suzuno arrive with Alas Ramus at MgRonald’s during Maou’s shift, where the girl calls him “daddy”. This causes Maou’s co-workers to assume that he and Chiho secretly had a baby together and their manager similarly notices the commotion caused by Alas Ramus’ presence. Sariel arrives at the fast food restaurant around this time and also confuses the toddler with the daughter of the manager of MgRonald. This confirms to Suzuno that the toddler is not from heaven if Sariel is completely unaware of the girl’s origins.

In the staff room, the manager talks to both Chiho and Maou about the importance of being aware of their behavior and activities outside of their home. Not only can people easily get the wrong impression about the nature of Maou and Chiho’s relationship with the presence of a toddler, but rumors also tend to circulate quickly. With that, the manager sends Maou home for the day. Before going home, however, Maou has a favor to ask Chiho. Although he doesn’t respond to her confession, he asks if she can continue to help him as the only person he trusts in Japan, to which Chiho agrees. Just then, the manager reappears to give Maou tickets to the same theme park as Emi as she thinks Maou can benefit from taking her daughter to a fun place.

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Maou meets Emi at her apartment and learns that she also got tickets to the same amusement park. Maou tries to get the girl to choose between going with him or Emi, but Alas Ramus insists on going with both of her parents. Chiho manages to persuade Emi to go with Maou, though she is still unhappy with this arrangement. Later that night, Emi gets a call from Emerada to check if Sariel is still after her holy sword. Emi confirms that they don’t have to worry about him at the moment. While she has Emerada on the phone, Emi takes the opportunity to inquire about Alas Ramus’ origins, but even Emerada hasn’t heard from her. Emerada still agrees to investigate.

The day Maou decides to take Alas Ramus to the amusement park, Ashiya tries to talk him out of it as he doesn’t trust Emi, but decides to honor his commitment. Suzuno advises Ashiya to use the extra ticket to accompany Emi and Maou while she takes care of Urushihara to make sure he won’t order anything from Jungle’s website with same-day delivery. Ashiya then asks why Maou decided to take in Alas Ramus when she didn’t believe she was his child. Maou thinks he is in a better position to take responsibility for the girl should anything happen. Maou and Alas Ramus later meet Emi at the train station to go to the park, though Ashiya, Chiho, and Suzuki follow them with their own reservations about going out together.

Elsewhere, a mysterious man in white and some soldiers open a portal to Earth in an attempt to revive the Tree of Life. Urushihara detects their presence when he orders takeout, though he’s not sure that’s good news.

Based on the popular light novel series by Satoshi Wagahara, new episodes of The Devil is a Part-Timer! stream every Thursday on Crunchyroll.


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