Real doctor Ken Jeong quit his comedy show to help a woman suffering from a medical emergency


In the world of comedy, most stars have a rather familiar trajectory of working their way through stand-up shows before making it big. Ken Jeong has a non-traditional path in the craft. The comedic actor is a bona fide doctor who had an entirely different career path ahead of him.

Today, he is associated with his decisive role in The hangover, his large part in Community, and his time hosting The Masked Singer. Yet her medical background made a surprise appearance during a comedy show when a woman in the audience had a health emergency.

Ken Jeong began his acting career while doing a medical residency

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Born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised in North Carolina, Ken Jeong went to Duke for his undergraduate education before earning a medical degree from the University of North Carolina. After graduating, he traveled to New Orleans to complete a residency in internal medicine. It was there, according to Biography, that he began moonlighting as a stand-up comedian. Audiences were so impressed with his routine that he won the “Big Easy Laff-Off”, a contest judged by former NBC president Brandon Tartikoff and Budd Friedman, who founded the Improvisation Comedy Club.

Driven by these industry bigwigs, Jeong continued to pursue acting while practicing as a doctor in Los Angeles. The duality of his work has earned him the nickname “America’s Funniest Doctor”. He made a series of television and film appearances in the early 2000s, but the 2009 release of The hangover played a decisive role. Shortly after, he was dumped on Communityand his acting career surpassed his medical career.

Jeong once used his medical training to help an audience member on a comedy show

Ken Jeong’s worlds collided in 2018. By then, Jeong was deep into his acting and comedian career and further away from his training as a doctor, but he could still leverage those skills when a moment of crisis called them.

As the Associated Press reports, “an audience member began having a seizure while Jeong was performing at a comedy club in Phoenix.” Jeong stopped her performance to help the woman until paramedics arrived to provide further care. The woman was evacuated from the scene and taken to hospital for treatment. The woman was later identified as Crysti Sammis. As USA Today reports, Sammis has recovered from her ordeal and gushed about the bond she now shares with Jeong: “I’ve always liked Ken Jeong, he’s very funny. But now I’m a die-hard, die-hard fan. It was so nice to see his human element and his compassion. It was so touching.

What’s next for Ken Jeong?

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As if being part doctor and part comedy star wasn’t versatile enough for one man, a quick look at Ken Jeong’s IMDb filmography shows he’s also got the full range of his acting skills. actor. Jeong has taken on roles in both television and film with increasing exposure.

Recent work includes the voice of Mr. Yap in Bob’s Burgers and featured in the original Apple TV the after party.

Upcoming projects include filming a pilot for a comedy titled The Malibu Emperor. The premise of the potential CBS show is that the family of a Chinese billionaire travels to the United States after announcing their intention to marry an American woman. The series drew comparisons with boobies rich asian from the deadline.

Jeong will also return to the big screen with roles in upcoming comedy Charlie Day. El Tonto, which also stars Ray Liotta and Kate Beckinsale. He will also play a role in the upcoming Out of officewhich features Milana Vayntrub as a young woman who finds her job is to help her boss cope with his failing marriage.

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