Placer Repertory Theater presents the world premiere of GHOSTS OF PLACER COUNTY


Placer Rep Announces Historic World Premiere of Ghosts of Placer County “The stories we tell say a lot about who we are,” says formidable but lovable Dr. Dessa Dagmar in Ghosts of Placer County, Placer Repertory Theatre’s world premiere production which will performs the first two weeks of October on Oakmont’s Main Stage in Roseville.

Ghosts of Placer County, by TS Forsyth, is the story of key moments from 30 years in the lives of Dr Dagmar and his daughter Aubrey, while it also shares moments from nearly 200 years of Placer County history. Placer and is a story-in-creation event for Placer Rep and Placer County.

“You could say that this piece features ghostly echoes, or perspective-taking and self-definition, but in my opinion, it’s about how individual and community history haunts us, and how we haunt life. history to define us,” Forsyth said. “But it feels so dramatic and deeply pensive, when that drama is often quite charming and humorous.” While the main story follows Dr. Dagmar and his daughter, the play acknowledges the contributions of many different peoples and cultures that make Placer County the place it is today, and it is performed by a talented cast seasoned professional early-career actors, including Anne Merino, Katherine Stroller, Kevin Foster, Brennan Villados, Judy Merrick and Matt Heyer.

Nearly a year of countywide scenario research and development is the basis of this historic piece. Not only has the playwright co-sourced historical materials from museums, historical societies, archivists, educators, private citizens, government, non-profit and civic organizations in more than ten population areas of Placer County, but Placer Rep also held eight stage readings of early drafts of the script for public comment in Lincoln, Roseville, Rocklin, Foresthill and Sacramento. “I would especially like to thank the Rocklin and Roseville Historical Societies, including Archivist Sharalee Falzerano, the Colfax Area Historical Society and Museum, Placer County Archives and Research Center, Studios Tamraloo and Foresthill High School for their support,” Forsyth said. .

“This world premiere on stage of Ghosts of Placer County is a historic event for Placer County and for the Placer Repertory Theater. This production is not only Placer Rep’s first multi-week world premiere, but also the first opportunity for Placer County to have and support its own professional regional theater company,” said Kevin Foster, Outreach Director for Placer Rep and actor who plays Kenny Greene on Ghosts.

“Together, Placer Rep, county organizations, and residents are building a legacy. Come join us and play a part in Placer County’s growing history. Meet the lovable but dysfunctional characters who will steal your heart as they portray of triumphs and frailties and sharing the story of our community,” said Forsyth.

Tickets for the September 30-October 8 production are NOW AVAILABLE on 408874423407

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