Payday Loan Without Credit Check


For those who have a negative credit check registration, it is nice to know that there are still opportunities to successfully apply for a loan or payday loan without a credit check. It will not be a large loan, so we are talking about an amount up to around € 1500. For loans larger than this amount you cannot have a negative credit check. This is therefore not very useful for trying. However, if the above amount is sufficient, then it is best to continue reading to discover how you can do this, which conditions you must meet. You can of course also read where you can arrange this, because providers in the Netherlands can be counted on one hand, unlike in the rest of Europe.

payday loan without credit check

Mini loan without BKR

If you urgently need money but you cannot go to the regular institutions for a loan, you can use a payday loan or flash credit as an alternative. With the payday loan, no credit check assessment is done, so a negative mention there does not affect your application. A payday loan is essentially different from a ‘normal’ loan because you have to pay it back quickly and unfortunately it is also not possible to pay in installments. The maximum amount you can borrow is currently around € 1500, some give a lower amount for an initial application, which is around € 200. If you have repaid this properly, you can then request the maximum.

Conditions for applying

loan application

There are a number of conditions that you must meet in order to apply for a small loan, which are set out below for you.
1. You must be at least 21 years old.
2. You must receive your salary within the repayment term.
3. The mini-loan may be used for consumer spending.
4. You must be living in the Netherlands.
5. A net salary of at least € 900.
6. You must send the following documents by email: Copy of proof of identity, proof of income, bank statement.
7. You must be employed or have a pension, so no benefit, no student, no self-employed person, not with AOW only.
8. You must have a mobile phone with a Dutch number.

What are the costs?

There are a number of options you can choose from, one option has no extra costs and the other options do have extra costs, so keep this in mind. If you borrow with the cheapest option, you will not pay any extra costs as you can see in the picture below.

How fast do I have the money?

How fast do I have the money?

How quickly you have the payday loan on your account depends on the option you choose. With the cheapest option it takes around 4 days before you receive the money. If you opt for the option with extra costs, it can be arranged the same day and be in your account, which depends on which bank account you have, because if you have the same bank as the mini-loan provider, it is within the same day. you a bank other than most likely the day after.

Read the reviews about payday loans

Read the reviews about mini loans

I have previously written a lot about payday loans in general and about providers of this product in the Netherlands in particular. Do you want to know everything about the costs that are charged when applying and how you can be helped the quickest? Then read the experiences I have gained with these two providers. This is a very extensive review and experience at Berratum and at Saldopie . You can, for example, view images that show how high the costs are for the various amounts that can be requested. A short video also describes how the application process works.


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