Our guide to extracurricular activities 2021



Our guide to extracurricular activities 2021

Find the perfect activity for your kids

By Terry Ortega

Courtesy of AHA!

Wow! Are children not amazing?

They have gone from in-person learning to online learning and are now back to in-person learning, just as it was with BP (before the pandemic). But our learners still need patience, understanding, and time to adjust to new old school day habits, which is why choosing the right activity after the bell rings is so important.

This is where the Independent from Santa BarbaraThe annual guide to extracurricular activities. Whether they want to try something new or keep doing what they know how to do, kids of all ages can once again participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, like drama, cooking and dancing. to self-awareness and social awareness groups, from learning a new language or enriching their STEM skills to developing self-confidence through sports such as gymnastics, soccer, surfing, tennis, etc.

Our guide is the one-stop-shop to help you find the perfect experience for your children that will inspire their interests, spark their enthusiasm for learning, and most importantly, allow them to have fun, meet new friends and continue to be amazing.

Welcome back everyone !


Courtesy of Art Studio 4 Kids

Adderley School Musical Theater Workshops A 14 week musical theater workshop. 5-12 years old. Sept.-Dec. $ 500 / one hour workshops; $ 700 / two-hour workshops. Adderley School, 316 State Street. [email protected] theadderleyschool.org

Artstudio 4 Children The Art Studio 4 Kids After-School arts program offers weekly in-person sessions in an outdoor setting. Grades 1-6. September 13, 2021-May 2022. Prices vary. Artstudio 4 Kids, 815 Puente Dr. Call (805) 689-8993 or email [email protected]. artstudio4kids.com

Zucchini Apple Cooking School Teach kids how to cook delicious, nutritious and affordable meals with real food. Eat what you cook and have fun! Grades K-8. Mid-Sept. – mid-Dec. $ 260/13 weeks. Garden Street Academy, 2300 Garden St., and Pilgrim Terrace, 649 Pilgrim Terrace Dr. Call (805) 452-3497 or email [email protected]. atozcookingschool.org

Unlimited dance Quality dance lessons, classical ballet, jazz, tap dance, contemporary, lyrical, combo lessons, and more! Face-to-face and virtual courses. 3 years old adult. September 3. The prices vary. Dance Unlimited, 5370 Hollister Ave., # 1. Call (805) 708-1900 or send an email [email protected]. sbdanceunlimited.com

Gustavson dance Gustafson Dance offers a graduated program of ballet and jazz, as well as tap dancing. 2 years and over. Sep 14 Schedule and cost vary. Gustafson Dance, 2285 Las Positas Road. Call (805) 563-3262 x1 or send an email [email protected]. gustafsondance.com

Courtesy of SB Dance Unlimited (L) and Kindermusik with Kathy & Friends (R)

InterAct Theater School Comprehensive program from the world of musical theater which includes acting, dance / movement and singing. 4-16 years old. Sep 17-Nov 19 or 18 Sep-Nov 20. $ 274 – $ 548/10 weeks. SB Unit, 227 E. Arrellaga St. Call (805) 869-2348 or email [email protected]. interacttheatreschool.com

Kindermusik with Kathy & Friends Music lessons Inspire young minds through music !! FUN, dynamic and creative musical instruction (piano, ukulele, percussion, drums, movement and vocals). 3.5-8 years. Sept.-Dec. $ 75 to $ 105. Carpinteria, Goleta, SB Call (805) 689-6905 or email [email protected]. kindermusikwithkathy.com

Light up! Theater Company SB’s exciting adolescent theater conservatory that offers professional and rewarding training and performance. Choose from two musicals and acting workshop! 12-19 years old. Sept.-May. The prices vary. SB Community Art Workshop, 631 Garden Street [email protected]. lightsb.com

SB Dance Arts Find joy and community at the BEST Dance Studio in SB. Indoor and outdoor lessons! Everyone is welcome! Ages one-teenager. August 23-May 25. $ 144 + / 17 weeks. SB Dance Arts Performing Arts Ctr., 531 E. Cota St. Call (805) 966-5299 or email [email protected].

SB Strings Youth Orchestra Welcome to enthusiastic beginners, intermediate and advanced string players. Visit the website for more information on the Ensemble’s auditions on August 22-23. From 4 to 19 years old. Sept. 2021-May 2022. Prices vary. Ask about the location. E-mail [email protected]. sbstrings.org


Courtesy of Wilderness Youth Project (L) and AHA! (D)

AHA! Group of allies Engaging group discussions, fun and interactive activities, connecting with different perspectives. Community development through self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making, self-management and relationships. Grades 9-12. 5 Oct. 5 Dec. 14. Based on donation. AHA !, 1209, rue De la Vina, Ste. A. Call (805) 380-8115 or send an email [email protected]. ahasb.org

AHA! All genres connect Teens of all genders will explore healthy relationships and sexuality with skilled facilitation. Grades 9-12. 4 Oct. 4 Dec. 13. Based on donation. AHA !, 1209 rue De La Vina, Ste. A. Call (805) 380-8115 or send an email [email protected]. ahasb.org

AHA! Creative group Practice self-awareness, connection, and creative expression through a variety of artistic media including writing, painting, music, and drama. Find your artistic voice. Grades 9-12. 6 Oct-Dec 15. Based on donation. AHA !, 1209, rue De la Vina, Ste. A. Call (805) 380-8115 or send an email [email protected]. ahasb.org

AHA! Group of girls Help young women to know themselves and others and to be authentic, assertive and healthy in their relationships. Grades 9-12. 4 Oct. 4 Dec. 13. Based on donation. AHA !, 1209, rue De la Vina, Ste. A. Call (805) 380-8115 or send an email [email protected]. ahasb.org

AHA! Music Group Adolescents learn to express themselves through musical composition and collaboration. No musical experience required. Grades 9-12. 8 Oct-Dec 17. Based on donation. AHA !, 1209, rue De la Vina, Ste. A. Call (805) 380-8115 or send an email
[email protected]. ahasb.org

RAP (After School Recreation Program) SB Parks & Recreation City After School Child Care at Adams, Monroe, Roosevelt and Washington Elementary Schools. Grades 1-6. August 17 to June 2, 2022. Walk-in pass of $ 135/10 days; $ 175/30-day session. Various places. Call (805) 564-5495 or send an email [email protected]. tinyurl.com/RAPafter-school

Youth in the wilderness project Programs are available for all ages! Visit the website for more details. Age 2.5-year 12. 23 Aug-Dec. 17. Prices vary depending on income level and program. Various locations from Goleta to Carpinteria. Call (805) 964-8096 or send an email [email protected]. wyp.org

Education / Stem

Courtesy of After School Languages

Languages ​​after school After-School Languages ​​is a program that exposes children to languages ​​using songs, games and movements, which makes languages ​​fun! 2-92 years old. All year. Various fees and locations. Call (805) 651-3011 or emaill [email protected]. afterschoollanguages.com

California Learning Center Tutoring, college advice, preparation for tests and educational advice. Academic support from revision to enrichment for most subjects. 6-60 years old. All year. The prices vary. California Learning Ctr., 3324 State St., Ste. L. Call (805) 563-1579 or email [email protected]. clcsb.com

Girls’ Extracurricular Enrichment Program Inc. Enrichment after school in a girl-friendly environment: leadership, social and emotional learning, movement, healthy living, life skills, STEM and homework help. K-6 transition grades. August 30-June 3, 2022. $ 70 / part-time; $ 115 / week. Girls Inc. Goleta Valley Center, 4973 Hollister Ave., Goleta. Call (805) 963-4757 or send an email [email protected]. girlsincsb.org/programs/after-school

Girls Inc.’s After-School Enrichment Program for Teens. Enrichment after school in a safe space for teens: leadership, social and emotional learning, college preparation, advocacy, STEM and homework help. Grades 7-12. August 30-June 3, 2022. $ 35 / part-time; $ 60 / week. Girls Inc. Goleta Valley Center, 4973 Hollister Ave., Goleta. Call (805) 963-4757 or send an email [email protected].


Courtesy of Youth Evolution Basketball

Girls Inc. Recreational Gymnastics Class Check out Girls Inc. this fall for gymnastics instruction for young beginners, intermediates and advanced. Boys are welcome! 18 months-18 years old. August 30. The prices vary. Girls Inc. Gymnastics, 531 E. Ortega St. Call (805) 963-4757 or email [email protected].

Surf Happens Surf Camps The oldest surf school in SB which offers weekly surf lessons for beginners and advanced. 6-15 years old. August 23-June 1. $ 50- $ 75 / session. East side of Santa Claus Ln. Beach, Carpinteria. Call (805) 966-3613 or email
[email protected].

Tennis clinic Learn or improve your tennis skills at the Municipal Tennis Center. Focus on the fundamentals of tennis while improving hand-eye coordination and footwork. Participants will be placed in appropriate age and capacity groups. 8-14 years old. Sept.-Oct. $ 60- $ 66 / two days a week. Municipal Tennis Courts, 1414 Park Pl. Call (805) 564-5573 or email [email protected].

Youth Evolution Basketball Youth Evolution Basketball serves the community with one goal, to bring the sport of basketball to life for our youth. 3-11 years old. Aug 25-Sep 29 $ 107- $ 118 / session. Carrillo Gymnasium, 102 E. Carrillo Street Call (805) 564-5422 or send an email
[email protected].

Youth Evolution Football Youth Evolution Soccer serves the community with one goal, to bring the sport of soccer to life for our youth. 2.5-12 years. 28 Aug-Oct. 2. $ 107 to $ 118 / session. Cabrillo Park, 800 boul. E. Cabrillo. Call (805) 564-5422 or send an email [email protected]. sbparksandrec.org



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