Orlando’s amusement park shooter sparks debate


A Florida amusement park has come under fire for introducing a Bullseye Blast game that arms Ferris wheel riders with a laser blaster and encourages them to open fire on 50 “strategically pre-selected targets”.

For an additional $5.95, visitors riding The Wheel at ICON Park can rent a blaster with a scope and hit as many targets as possible throughout the Orlando amusement center that are visible from the top of the ride. 400 feet. A dashboard in their car records points during the 18-minute adventure.

“Each of the bespoke blasters has a scope, allowing players to see an infrared beam and help them aim at targets,” ICON Park wrote when announcing the ride on Wednesday.

Bullseye Blast uses “amazing new infrared technology”, according to the company.

The shooter was met with mixed reviews on social media, where critics questioned whether the idea had missed its mark at a time when mass shootings were commonplace.

“Are you kidding me ??” one Twitter user wondered.

It was also called “deaf tone” by a skeptic.

Others have wondered how the idea of ​​an amusement park shooter came to be.

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“Only in America,” tweeted a social media user going by the name Mathmosman.

Another one commentator called Bullseye Blast “Mass Shooting Training”.

It was also pointed out that this game may not have been good publicity for an amusement park where a 14-year-old boy lost his life in March on a ride called FreeFall.

Orlando is one of many American cities rocked by mass shootings in recent years. In 2016, a 29-year-old gunman killed 49 people at a gay nightclub. This massacre was the greatest in recent US history until a year later, a gunman in Las Vegas killed 60 people attending a country music festival.

Not everyone agreed with those Bullseye Blast slams.

“Last time I checked there were no mass shootings with alien laser guns aimed at animatronics and cutouts, but go ahead,” one dissident tweeted.

ICON Park did not respond to a request for comment. At the end of June, the company published a video promoting Bullseye Blast. He recommends that cyclists don’t get in the way of their target shooting as they climb, then enjoy the view once their car reaches the top of the wheel.


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