Oaks Amusement Park Introduces New Companion Policy


The new policy came into effect on August 19, 2022

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Following a spike in violent behavior from young guests, officials at the Oaks Amusement Park has implemented a new policy that people 17 and under must be accompanied by someone 21 or older to participate in public skating sessions.

The new support policy came into effect on August 19. While the chaperone only needs to buy a ticket if they are skating, Oaks Park officials said they must be at the rink at all times and are responsible for minors that they are watching. There must be one accompanying person for every 6 minors.

The new policy comes after Oaks Park closed in early July after a fight between 6 miners which led one of them to threaten to shoot at the park.

There has been an influx of these kinds of violent interactions and park officials hope this policy will come out of this problem.

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A new companion policy for the roller rink is now in place at Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, August 20, 2022 (KOIN)

“We are seeing an increase in the number of confrontations, some of which have escalated into physical altercations in the rink,” said Emily Mackay, director of marketing and events for Oaks Park. “And we see this trend happening and want to take proactive steps to prevent the problem from growing and to prevent it from being a problem in the future.”

Oaks Park security will enforce the policy and anyone under the age of 18 without a chaperone will not be permitted to enter the rink.

Currently, the policy only applies to open skating sessions, but in a statement Friday, park officials said: “This policy may be expanded to include other skating sessions at the discretion of park management. ‘Oaks Park and may be changed or revised at any time.’

The new policy received mixed reviews from parents on social media, but park management said it was about maintaining a fun and safe experience for everyone.


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