Oaks Amusement Park Brings Its Haunted House Walkthrough Experience Back


Another pandemic pivot appears to be turning into an annual holiday tradition.

Oaks Amusement Park is bringing back its Halloween guided tour experience, ScareGrounds PDX, for the entire month of October.

The 44-acre site will feature three haunted houses with different designs than at the debut last year. And the organizers seem to have doubled down on the fear factor. In 2021, there was at least one fairly tame carnival-themed option, but this time the trio of attractions are ready to elicit roars from a crowd primed for bigger thrills through hours of binge- watching. stranger things.

Now you can take your pick between the 80s slasher/movie palace experience called “The Silver Screen”, “Grimthorne Manor”, a ramshackle mansion where the barrier between our world and the “down below” would be thin like a razor, or “The Complex”, a museum of nightmares and a possible experimental medical laboratory whose deranged doctor will most certainly be “in”.

ScareGrounds kicks off on September 30 and runs Friday through Sunday until October 30. Oaks Park added some weekday openings the week before Halloween (October 26-27) as well as the holiday itself.

While haunted houses seem a little too intimidating for some visitors, rides and halfway rides remain an option during the ScareGrounds run. These attractions start operating at 6 p.m. and the haunted houses open an hour later. Tickets for these range from $18 to $33 depending on the day and time of your visit. Pre-purchase admission online is strongly encouraged, and if you add a ride wristband to your order, Oaks Park will give you a five dollar discount.

And just like last year, the park is ending its season with a bit of a 4th of July shine. The site will bid farewell to its 117th season on October 31 with a free fireworks display. This show is scheduled to start at 7 p.m., but it is advisable to arrive early as the parking spaces will fill up quickly.


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