Meghan McCain has left ‘The View’ – It’s ‘excruciating this season’, comedy crew admits of show


It was a sad day for comedians Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman when Meghan McCain left View. The comedy team, which hosts the political podcast Stupid gay politics said without McCain to View round table, the show turned into a like-minded echo chamber, which sucked in the pleasure of watching it. In fact, Goldman and Howard are downright annoyed that the show failed in their opinion.

Meghan McCain’s departure from ‘The View’ left a hole in the series

Goldman and Howard went from sparring with McCain on Twitter to a long-distance friendship. McCain said she would consider appearing on their podcast, which they say has yet to materialize. But they both agreed that View definitely misses his advantage without McCain.

Now that Meghan McCain is gone View, Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard can’t bring themselves to watch it | Roy Rochlin / Getty Images / Charles Sykes / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

“We miss her so much View,Howard told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “View is atrocious this season, just a nightmare!

Goldman then said what everyone was basically thinking. “At the end of the day, we watch View to watch Meghan and everyone else fight. This is what we are looking at. I want to see her fight with Joy (Behar). I want to see her and Whoopi [Goldberg] struggle. We want to see them argue and fight. And stopping them is like humiliating us as an audience.

Julie Goldman explains why the show was so good

Goldman added, “Like they’re constantly trying to pretend they’re above this sort of thing.” Howard and Goldman think View producer is best suited for a gameshow type format. “In my opinion, the problem is that the producer, this guy who wants to keep things positive and anyone who thinks they’re fighting or arguing is inferior to anyone,” Goldman said. ” They are wrong. It’s the fights and the debates that make it interesting. You don’t want to watch four people sit down and come to an agreement.

“We want to see people disagree and if that disagreement takes the form of an argument, that has to be OK,” Goldman added. “I’m so sick of it all, like we can disagree and get along. Well, sometimes you just don’t get along.

Howard had a message for View producers. “You shouldn’t have let Meghan go at all costs. I don’t care, ABC, you’re crazy about this.

Meghan McCain said she would consider participating in the podcast

Howard and Goldman were a long time View loyalists, but no more. they deleted View of their DVRs. “We are at sea without a paddle without View,Howard lamented. She admitted watching Living with Kelly and Ryan instead of. “These are desperate times, what can you do? She replied.

Goldman decided to move all-in on Ellen DeGeneres’ final season of her talk show. “I’m on the last season of Ellen because I need something, ”she exclaimed. “I need something during the day and View just lost it to us without Meghan.

“Julie said that Ellen’s last season was good,” Howard added. “They are all new celebrities.”

And while Howard and Goldman try to find their replacement daytime TV shows, they both insist that View will never be the same for them again. Additionally, the offer means McCain will be a guest on their podcast. McCain even said she would like to be on Gay silly politics. She spoke about the comedy team on an Instagram Live.

“Oh yeah, these women are so sweet,” she said in a Live that a fan later shared. Twitter. “People who don’t know are two podcast hosts… and they’ve been so nice to me on Twitter. So yes, I would be totally open to going on this podcast. But I think they want Sunny. I think they tweeted that they wanted Sunny on their podcast, which is totally understandable. Because Sunny is fabulous.

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