Many emergency responders simulate active shooter at Bay Beach Amusement Park


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Part of this year’s Active Threat Response Training, involving multiple Brown County agencies, was held at Bay Beach Amusement Park, on the grounds and in the clubhouse.

Multiple emergency agencies are training for this unexpected phone call that demands a response from all first responders in the area.

Action 2 News was allowed to follow as the controlled chaos unfolded.

Dispatcher: “It’s a drill. Active shooter report to the Bay Beach Pavilion.

There are cries for help. Someone shouts the word “shooter”.

Stopping the threat is the first priority of response agents

On the radio, we hear: “Multiple victims”.

The next priority is to stop the dying.

“Do something,” someone shouts.

They secure the area to help the victims inside.

“Law enforcement and EMS will form teams, escort to the site, treat incident victims and take them to hospitals,” says Deputy Chief Rob Goplin of the Green Bay Metro Fire Department. .

As the mayhem unfolds, some actors wear aprons representing their injuries. So when paramedics reach them, they know what to deal with following a shooting.

Outside, the police sprint to the bumper car area to respond.

Radio: “Suspect, white man, black hat.”

Officers and deputies show up in waves, as incident command sets up nearby to lead the rescue task force and line up ambulances to take the injured to local hospitals.

For more than 750 Brown County first responders, taking the training from start to finish helps improve communication and coordination, no matter where a threat occurs.

“The community expects it,” said Green Bay Police Lt. Jeff Engelbrecht. “I can’t think of another subject that we have collectively trained so hard for over the past 5 years. We will never be perfect, but in the end we have to get it right.


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