‘Madagascar’ presented by Y Arts Theater Camp


A good time took place in the woods at Camp Knickerbocker in Boothbay on Thursday and Friday August 18th and 19th as the Y Arts Theater Camp really ‘rocked’ in their presentation of ‘Madagascar’.

The cast of 35 young performers danced and sang 15 songs during the hour-long show, led by Emily Mirabile.

The story centers on Marty the zebra (Sarah Harris) who wants to leave the zoo and return to the wild. When she does, her friends, Alex the Lion (Sophia Mansfield), Melman the Giraffe (Imij Armstead) and Gloria the Hippopotamus (Scout Martin) try to track her down and finally find her in Madagascar. A whole bunch of lemurs and penguins fill out the cast. The play is based on the film “Madagascar,” a 2005 American computer-animated survival comedy produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by DreamWorks Pictures.

Other cast members included, in alphabetical order: Izzy Bailey, Lily Billings, Fiona Bishop, Sydney Blake, Jeffrey Buck, Flora Duncan, Genevieve Bunge, Cosmina Finn, Madeline Frey, Maia Greenleaf, Agatha Harris, Ford Harris, Maya Rhys Jacobs, Laila Lufkin, Evelyn Michaud, Ian Michaud, Sofia Michaud, Lina Minzner, Oscar Mirabile, Lydia Mitchell, Sloan Nelson, Anderson Pierpan, Hamilton Pierpan, Corrine Rogers, Josephine Shea, Austin Snow, Finnian Sullivan, Trey Tibbetts, Rory Vaudreuil, Kayla Watts and Viviane Wells.


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