Leaders demand action from Cedar Point over sexual assaults


Of the 27 reported incidents in park employee dormitories, two men were charged with sex crimes.

SANDUSKY, Ohio – Elected leaders are calling on Cedar Point to investigate and enact changes following a joint investigation by 10 Investigates and our sister stations WTOL in Toledo and WKYC in Cleveland that revealed a history of reported sexual assaults linked to employee dormitories at the amusement park.

Cedar Point, which is due to open Saturday, has not responded to requests for additional comment Friday or interview requests since providing its initial statement last week, which said in part that it “takes these questions very seriously”.

The women who have come forward claim to have been victimized while living and working at the amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. Women told us they felt disappointed with the lack of response and resources made available by the amusement park following incidents of alleged sexual violence.

Of the 27 reported incidents, two men were charged with sex crimes. Sandusky police said that in more than half of those reported incidents, the women stopped cooperating with authorities.

Since our original report aired on Wednesday, more and more people are coming forward and sharing their experiences.

Elected leaders also weigh.

In a letter written Friday, State Representative Lisa Sobecki, D-Toledo, urged the theme park to investigate and wrote that “the allegations are deeply troubling” and “revealed an unacceptable pattern.”

She added that while the company attracts young people from around the world, “this does not absolve your company of liability or excuse improper action”.

During a rally at a factory in southern Ohio with President Biden, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, told 10 investigators:

“Cedar Point has a lot to answer for and they need to address this issue,” Brown said. “They definitely need to change their structure and they should have known better.”

Among the women who came forward was Kacie Wilson, who claimed she was raped after falling asleep in a male colleague’s dorm.

“And I’m like a heavy sleeper. I don’t wake up to alarm clocks or anything… and uh… I woke up with him inside of me, pushed him away and got up and just walked away. And I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

Wilson said her parents came to pick her up. She told Cedar Point she would not return to work, but said the amusement park offered no guidance or resources afterward. We heard a similar claim from Raven Jones, who made similar allegations against another male employee.

She also says the park’s response has been insufficient.

As part of the collaborative reporting effort with WTOL and WKYC, 10 Investigates also received responses from Governor Mike DeWine, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley.

Whaley called the allegations “deeply disturbing and horrifying” and called on Cedar Point to conduct a thorough investigation.

DeWine said “reports of sexual assault are very serious and should always be treated as such. As a former county attorney and attorney general, I have worked with many victims of crime and know the importance of thorough and timely sexual assault investigations. That’s why I created an initiative that analyzed thousands of previously untested rape kits to help get justice for survivors. . We stand ready to assist local law enforcement if they request assistance from the Department of Public Safety and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost made this statement:

“These reports are deeply disturbing. Criminal justice is not a private matter. I have contacted and offered the services of the Bureau of Criminal Investigations and our Special Prosecutions Unit – but we have no legal authority to act unless asked.

WTOL, WKYC and 10 Investigates continue to report on this case.

Cedar Point’s past statement on this was as follows:

“The safety of our guests and associates is always our top priority. Through various methods, our on-site accommodation is monitored 24/7. Additionally, our team is available to assist associates at any time with multiple resources, including on-site security, an emergency text message program, a dedicated and confidential “Speak-Up Hotline” for associates, and the access to mental health programs. Associates are made aware of these resources during their onboarding process.

Cedar Point takes these issues very seriously. All reports of associate misconduct are immediately addressed, investigated and, if appropriate, referred to local law enforcement for further investigation.

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