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Posted on November 1, 2021
| 7:33 p.m.

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George Sullivan, Lexie Brent and Jackie Shearn perform in the CCSC Department of Theater Arts’ ‘Laugh with Durang’ production. (Ben Crop)

The SBCC Theater Arts Department will present a student showcase of Christopher Durang’s plays titled “Laugh with Durang” from November 10-20 at the Jurkowitz Theater. The show is directed by Matt Talbott.

Durang’s mix of humor and eccentricity will be exhibited in the pieces presented: “Medea”, “Funeral Parlor”, “For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls”, “The Doctor Will See You Now” and “Wanda’s Visit”.

In “Wanda’s Visit” Jim and Marsha have been married for 13 years and feel a bit bored and unhappy. Wanda, Jim’s former girlfriend, shows up for a visit and becomes a guest from hell. One night for dinner, chaos erupts in the restaurant as a waiter tries to cope on his first day with the confused trio.

“Medea” is a sketch co-written by Durang and Wendy Wasserstein. “Medea” and her three-woman choir try to determine whether it is appropriate to kill your children to punish your husband. Jason introduces himself; so does a messenger with news of Lady Teazle; and a Deus ex Machina descends from the sky to lift everyone’s spirits.

In “Funeral Parlor,” a widow is accosted at her husband’s funeral by a very inappropriate guest.

“For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls” is a parody of “The Glass Menagerie”, in which the bleached Southern Belle Amanda tries to prepare her hypersensitive, hypochondriac son Lawrence for the “female caller.” Terrified of people, Lawrence plays with his collection of glass cocktail stirrers.

Ginny, the appellant, who has partial hearing loss, is overbearing kindness. Brother Tom wants to go to the cinema, where he meets sailors who must be installed in his room. Amanda tries to face everything with “charm and liveliness”, but sometimes she just wants to hit someone.

In “The Doctor Will See You Now”, a rowdy singer, dressed in sequins and a boa, continues to erupt into loud songs in a doctor’s office. Wilson is there to see the doctor about an allergy, but the doctor and his nurse insist he has venereal disease and should call everyone he knows.

“Laughing With Durang” presents Riley Barker, Sydney Bascom, Aurore Bernard, Lexie Brent, Kristina Clark, Liz Gates, Mario Guerrero, James Hanasz, Isaac Hernandez, Abbie Mintz, Stevie O’Donnell, Amanda Russell, Jackie Shearn, Sue Smiley, George Sullivan, Lizzy Urwick and Tyler Witucki.

Tickets usually cost $ 18; $ 15 for seniors and CCSC staff; $ 10 students, and can be purchased online at www.theatregroupsbcc.com or by calling the box office, 805-965-5935.

Note: The shows contain adult language and content.

To ensure everyone’s safety, the current COVID-19 protocol is as follows: Masks mandatory inside the theater and building at all times, presentation of proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test performed in 72 hours after the show on arrival.

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