Kostas Tsimikas wants two more Champions League group stage wins


Liverpool are one of four clubs to advance to the knockout stages of the Champions League after just four group stage matches. More than that, they’re the only team guaranteed a top spot at this point.

It would all be impressive to begin with. This is all the more true as Liverpool have been part of the most difficult consensus group, the death group this season. And this feat had left the rear Kostas Tsimikas in a good mood.

“Everyone gave their all,” he said on the club’s official website. “It was an amazing night for everyone. We are very happy. It was very, very important for us, it’s over now, we got the first position.

“But we are Liverpool and we play every game to win and it’s exactly the same for the next few games as well – we will play and we want to win. We showed every game we wanted to win, only to win. We will continue with this.

The Reds seem certain to aim for two more wins in their group when they are already qualified. They are not a team designed to go into games with less than full commitment or to seek less than three points.

Still, with a busy holiday game ahead, there should at least be a chance for rest and rotation in the next two European games against FC Porto and AC Milan, as the Reds make the league their top priority. .

On that front, the Reds’ Premier League campaign continues on Sunday against West Ham’s top four prospects ahead of the November international break, then 12 games over the next 39 days before the end of 2021.

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