Kathryn Hahn to play legendary actress Joan Rivers in Showtime series


We have said it before and we will say it again: Kathryn Hahn is not lacking. She’s great in comedies; she’s great in dramas; she’s great in dramas; she is even awesome as the voice of an evil octopus doctor. Hahn was loved before this year, thanks to roles in Half brothers, Parks and recreation, and Transparent, but she became famous for playing Agatha on WandaVision, a role that earned her an Emmy nomination. (She lost, but in one way we all won – in another way, “Agatha All Along” actually won.)

Hahn has booked her next big role: playing legendary comedian Joan Rivers in a Showtime series. Variety reports that Hahn is committed to playing Joan Rivers in The Return Girl, a limited series in development at Showtime… In addition to playing the role of Rivers, Hahn will be executive producer The Return Girl, Greg Berlanti will direct and produce the executive production, and Cosmo Carlson will write and produce the executive production. The connection line:

“Pioneer. Adored. Cruel. Diva. Joan Rivers has had a life like no other. At 54, she was a superstar actress… and then it all fell apart. The Return Girl is the awe-inspiring, untold story of how Joan Rivers persevered through suicide and the professional abyss to rebuild herself and her career to become a global icon.

The Return Girl takes place after Rivers was fired as host of The late show, which means there’s a chance we might see Hahn-as-Rivers interviewing Gwar. I can not wait.

(Going through Variety)

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