Horror, isolation – and illusion? ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ explores familiar themes | Arts and theater



Writing for Randolph’s voice intrigued musicians Madison McConnell and Lange “because she not only has an amazing instrument, but because Meghan came up with the idea to make it a one-woman show,” McConnell said. . “I think part of the horror is the isolation of the character.”

Live shows next weekend

This is the first solo show by Randolph, a performer in 30 years who has performed locally with Madison Opera, Children’s Theater of Madison, Four Season Theater and Forward Theater, and has also toured with “Cats” .

MTM had originally planned to broadcast only its performance of “The Yellow Wallpaper” online, but as area restrictions regarding COVID-19 began to ease, the theater company booked the Play Circle Theater at Memorial Union for live shows from August 13th to 15th. The opening night will now be both live and live. “The Yellow Wallpaper” will also be registered so that it can be rented from MTM’s website, mtmadison.com, at a later date.

With its complex psychological themes and feminist status, the performances of “The Yellow Wallpaper” will be followed by audience discussions with Emily Auerbach, English teacher at UW-Madison and director of the UW Odyssey project, and Brigitte Fielder, Associate Professor at UW-Madison. and expert in 19th century literature.



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