Here’s the first look at Netflix’s blockbuster comedy show

The last remaining blockbuster

The last remaining Blockbuster
Photo: Andrew MARSZAL / AFP) (Photo by ANDREW MARSZAL/AFP via Getty Images

Netflix isn’t exactly in a position to rejoice these days, as she is forced to take into account the reality of “there always has to be growth!” business model he embraced long ago (blame capitalism, not Netflix), but there’s no harm in relishing past glories when times get tough. From this perspective, it makes perfect sense to Netflix To Make Comedy Series About Blockbuster Video’s Final Location, standing up to the forward march of progress. It’s like a human enjoying a noble Sumatran tiger… It may seem as if the humans have managed to wipe out the planet’s tiger population, but it’s not like humans are doing all that well these days. (Netflix is ​​the humans.)

Is this a tortured metaphor? Of course, but there is not much to say about Netflix Blockbuster, Netflix’s upcoming comedy series about the staff of Blockbuster Video’s latest US location. The streaming service released a preview image today featuring stars Randall Park and Melissa Fumero wearing Blockbuster shirts and holding up Blockbuster cases in front of a bunch of Blockbuster stuff, and they both seem to be having a good time. It’s something! The show’s official guideline says it’s about exploring “what it takes – and more specifically who it takes – for a small business to succeed against the odds.”


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So it’s like a story of “brave underdogs standing up for The Man”, but The Man in this case is… Netflix and the whole streaming revolution killing physical video rental stores. So yeah, weird. But it’s not like it’s coming out exclusively through Blockbuster Video, like Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals or something, would make more sense. (That’s the kind of obscure Blockbuster reference we’re hoping to see on this Netflix show. Don’t let us down.)


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