Harry Styles plays cool when chicken nuggets rain down on stage…hours later wins VMA


Harry Styles loves watermelon sugar. But he doesn’t like chicken.

That’s what we learned from a recent appearance by the immensely popular singer at his Madison Square Garden gig over the weekend when chicken nuggets started raining down on him from the audience.

“I don’t eat chicken!” Styles said with a cheeky grin, holding up the object thrown at him by the audience.

“Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!” fans cheered.

Just a few hours before album of the year winner at the recent MTV Video Music Awards.

It all ended up being a lot of fun for Styles re:ChickenGate. Even though it could have gone wrong. In recent weeks, several artists have been feeling the effects of objects thrown at them on stage. One person who didn’t take it so well was Kid Cudi, who, during a gig at the recent Rolling Loud Festival, had some trash thrown at him. And he rightly left mid-performance.

Styles, not offended by the fast food flying at him at MSG, said: “Very interesting approach. Who threw the chicken nugget?

Then another came to him. He said, “That’s another chicken nugget!” That’s when Styles said he didn’t eat meat, was a vegetarian, and sent the fast food restaurant back where he came from.

“First of all, it’s cold,” he said. “And I guess very old.” He added: “Here you can get your nugget back.” It fell to the ground, which Styles noticed, then warned the person not to eat it.

Check out the entire smile-inducing exchange below. Styles is in the midst of a massive 15 gig residency at MSG.

In other recent news from Styles, the artist recently added 19 new Love on Tour dates in Europe and the UK in 2023, as well as new shows in Austin, Chicago and São Paulo, Brazil, and an update. at the venue level in Lima, Peru at the Estadio Nacional. , which has a capacity of more than 43,000 seats.

Following Styles’ sold-out 43-date tour in 2021, his 83-date international tour is taking place in 22 countries, including 13 shows in Latin America, seven dates in Australia and New Zealand, and 44 nights in North America.

The European leg of the tour kicks off May 13 at CASA Arena in Horsens, Denmark, with stops in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​London and more before concluding in Italy at RCF Arena on July 22. .

British indie rock duo Wet Leg are backing Styles on their European and UK tour. Founded in 2019, the Isle of Wight indie rock duo of Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers have released their first streaming hit single “lounge chairin 2021, followed by their self-titled debut in April 2022. Jamaican artist Koffee will support Styles on all South American dates.

“The highly anticipated tour in support of his new album ‘Harry’s House’ will give fans access to multiple nights in major cities around the world, transforming iconic locations into ‘Harry’s House’,” read a statement on The 2023 European leg will also be Harry’s first full stadium outing in the region.

Additional dates in Asia will also be added to the tour, in support of Styles’ third album, Harry’s House, released in 2022, featuring the single “As It Was”, which stayed at No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart for 10 weeks.


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