Good Grievance: Season 2; New Zealand comedy series returns to IFC and Sundance Now – canceled + renewed TV shows


good mourning soon hits US television screens later this summer. The New Zealand comedy series is set to air on IFC and Sundance Now in the US. Viewers in Canada and the UK will also see the series.

Eve and Grace Palmer star in the series which follows a very different pair of sisters. The couple see their lives change when their grandfather leaves them his funeral home when he dies.

IFC revealed more about the series in a press release.

AMC Networks’ IFC and targeted streaming service Sundance Now have announced that Season 2 of the irreverent Kiwi comedy Good Grief will premiere in the US, Canada and the UK on Thursday August 4 as a frenzied release on Sundance Now, followed by its two-episode North American premiere on IFC starting Wednesday, August 17.

Co-created, co-written and starring sisters Eve and Grace Palmer with co-creator/co-writer Nick Schaedel, the six-episode comedy series is set in small-town New Zealand and follows two millennial sisters in the very different personalities who inherit a funeral home from their grandfather.

Since inheriting the Loving Tributes funeral home in Season 1, Ellie (Eve Palmer) and Gwen Goode (Grace Palmer, Adrift) have gone down very different paths. Ellie embraces her inner “girlboss,” with all the ill-fitting pantsuits, amateur TV commercials, and plumber affairs that entails. Meanwhile, Gwen spends five months DJing in Bali and unexpectedly reappears in New Zealand to find their mother has a new boyfriend and has been kicked out of the family home. Gwen moves in with Ellie, takes on social marketing work for Loving Tributes, and embarks on a childish prank war against their mother’s new partner. As family tensions escalate at work and at home, Ellie must decide whether to step in or leave Gwen to grow up on her own.

Good Grief, Season 2 is directed by Kiel McNaughton (The Legend of Baron To’a, My Life is Murder), produced by Angela Cudd (I Am Waru) and Kerry Warkia (Vai, Waru).

What do you think? Are you planning to check good mourning season 2 on IFC in August?


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