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Like many fascinating stories, it starts with two dynamic women. One is a connection to the contemporary California art scene and the other is a strong supporter of his hometown art. The two are united by a desire to celebrate what defines the California art scene.

“On the Edge: Los Angeles Art, 1970s-1990s, from the Joan and Jack Quinn Family Collection” at the Bakersfield Museum on Thursday sets a precedent with more than 150 objects by nearly 70 artists, including Edmoses and Billy. It is an exhibition without. Al Benston, Linda Bengris, Peter Alexander, Frank Gehry, Robert Graham, Ed Ruscha.

This collection by Quinn, who has accumulated decades of friendships with these artists, will be exhibited for the first time on this scale. The last exhibition of 2010 at the Pilgrim School in Los Angeles coincided with the inauguration ceremony of the new art center, showing only part of the work, which was on display for a limited time of four days, but was on display at Bakersfield. The meeting will be visible until January 8.

Joan Agajanian Quinn acknowledges that BMoA curator Rachel McCullah Wainwright has decided to share her family’s personal collection with the general public.

“She worked hard until she carried me – and I’m glad she did,” Quinn said. “I am very excited and honored to be here. “

“Rachel was absolutely amazing…. To understand what this collection is, we put forward the family feelings we have and thank her for what she has done. “

For many viewers, “on the edge” is a spectacular display of some of the best art on the West Coast, but for Quinn, it’s much deeper. Joan and her husband, who died in 2017, have helped artists grow and foster a creative community to share their work as the contemporary art scene continues to evolve.

Some of the artists Quinn has known for decades include college girl Dora De Larios, the Billy Al Bengston department store, and USC’s art department Ken Price and David Novros. I met a lot of people when I was young.

Over the years, she and her husband have supported their friends by purchasing artwork and encouraging John’s fellow lawyers to purchase artwork. As a journalist, Joan has promoted art as West Coast Editor for Interview Magazine, Social Editor for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Condé Nast Traveler, and author of House & Garden.

“These items were on the wall in my house and were hung on the wall by every artist,” Joan Quinn said of her collection. “They came and set up their work. They were playing with each other like friends on the wall.

“What sets Quinn (from other collectors) is the work she did to promote these artists,” said Wayne Wright. “She was the one who bought the work directly from these artists in their studio before they were successful. She has a weekly chat with these artists while I plan this show. The relationship is maintained. “

Joan Quinn has dozens of artists painting her portraits, including David Hockey, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Edward Ruscha, and Billy Al Benston, some of whom are new exhibits. Open.

“She was thrilled to show the portrait by starting the story with the portrait,” said Wayne Wright. “It’s a more historical and academic approach to history.”

Quinn said the educational component of the exhibit was another reason for the excitement of attending BMoA.

“Rachel said the school would come and lecture. It reveals the mystery of the museum. It is not a sacred place. You can come in, inspire and enrich. A new idea comes to mind. You will follow suit and you will probably be an artist yourself. “

Additional programming will include a symposium on November 18 with artists such as Andy Moses, Ned Evans, Radi John Dill, Charles Arnoldi and Rita Albakirk.

October 19, about Steven Arnold, disciple of Salvador Dali, Steven Arnold, director of “The Celestial Body”, Vishnu Das, biographer Michael Mishaw, and Stephen Arnold, social photographer for the Herald Examiner. A zoom round table with Jérôme will take place.

And on October 28, the museum’s annual masquerade will include a screening of Arnold’s documentary, based on the Arnold midnight film series Nocturnal Emission.

Quinn wants to profit from her work and encourage viewers to create or build their own art collection based on interest rather than investment.

“I want people to know that I don’t have to ask anyone to tell me what to buy. I never had an art advisor or an art consultant.

“My husband and I never sold anything. It was like a friend standing on the wall. Don’t think of it as an investment. We are together everyday and you want to love.

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