Fredericksburg City Council Paves the Way for New Amusement Ride at Fun Land | Local News


Councilor Matt Kelly expressed concern that extending the boundary to 155 feet would violate a 2005 agreement that no structure in Celebrate Virginia South would obstruct the view from the Rappahannock River.

Kelly said while the Fun Land ride does not conflict with the deal, an extension to 155 feet could open the door to future problems. City attorney Kathleen Dooley said the deal is enforceable if city officials wish to deny future requests for special use permits regarding the height.

“We’re looking at redeveloping all of Central Park sooner or later,” Withers said. “I would hate to say we can have all this height. How will this affect the future redevelopment of the rest of Central Park? Are we saying we want to make it entertainment property or do we want to have good mixed use of the property? “

In other business on Tuesday night, city council approved a budget amendment for local funding to advance the timing of planned safety improvements on National Highway 3 near Altoona Drive. Construction of a median in the region is expected to begin next month.

City Council also approved a budget amendment for the City of Fredericksburg public schools recognizing additional resources of $ 3.9 million in the School Grants Fund.

City Manager Tim Baroody’s update included upcoming community town halls to discuss emergency evacuation planning and response.


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