Elon University/Today at Elon/Performing Arts Presents “Concord Floral” Ghost Story Through Tuesday


Students learned assembly design methods in creating this spooky piece.

The Department of Performing Arts presents “Concord Floral” by contemporary playwright Jordan Tannahill October 7-11 at the Roberts Studio Theatre.

This ghost story explores how the past drives our behaviors in the present. Can the teenagers hanging out in the abandoned Concord Floral greenhouse survive suburbia, high school, and a plague of their own making?

Associate Professor of Theater Suzanne Shawyear (Photo by Tony Spielberg)

Associate Professor of Theater Susanne Shawyer led the students in all the roles and led a team of student designers in the creation of this spooky play. Drawing on his background in set design, a method of collaborative theater creation, Shawyer taught actors and creative team how to build a theatrical production from nothing but a few props and their imaginations.

“It’s a really exciting way to do theatre,” says Shawyer. She notes that working together in the creative process builds a strong set of actors. “The design really helps everyone realize how their small part can fit into the bigger whole,” Shawyer said, adding that it develops meaning and purpose for collaborators.

Students are participating in a rehearsal of “Concord Floral” which will be performed October 7-11 at the Roberts Studio Theatre.

Audiences of “Concord Floral” will enjoy watching the actors construct different pitches out of buckets, newspapers and gardening plastics – all things one might find in an abandoned greenhouse. The innovative use of these props came from student suggestions during the rehearsal process.

“Concord Floral” also includes dramaturgy from Associate Professor of Acting Kim Shively, who will lead a post-show discussion with the director and creative team after Friday night’s performance.

This haunting coming-of-age tale features adult themes and flashing lights.

More information about the production, including cast and crew biographies, can be found here.

Admission: $15 or Elon ID. Tickets are available at elonperformingarts.com.


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