Culpeper’s State Climb in Old Theater Adds Aerial Arts and Becomes Non-Profit Gym | Business


Classes are for all ages and skill levels.

Starting the nonprofit with Aerial Silks seemed the way to go, Allen said. He pursued the changes after watching a documentary on Memphis Rox, a nonprofit climbing gym in Tennessee. Their business model was great and would work here, he said.

“It was very similar to what we do – engage with the kind of community impact,” Allen said. “I never really thought about it, starting a non-profit organization, but seeing another gym did it and it worked… it’s awesome and a lot more inclusive. For families, it makes things more possible.

Local youth are invited to visit State Climb to try it out. The only requirement is a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. Kids spend all the time looking for an outlet for some kind of community engagement, Allen said.

“He’s only got $ 5 himself, okay just get your parents to sign the waiver and let it go,” he said. “It was the right move for Culpeper where there are a lot of people who need an outlet.”

It’s a “very enjoyable type of job,” Allen added, especially when parents reach out to him and tell him the gym has helped isolate their child during COVID-19.

As the pandemic apparently continues, “We are going with the flow,” he said. “As things move around us, we move with them. Things are constantly in motion. I hope we are heading towards normality … still a little behind for now.

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