Craig Robinson’s comedy show goes off the rails!


Craig Robinson may have starred in “Killing It,” but he was anything but that on his comedy show.

The reason he couldn’t kill him on stage was because of a gunman who opened fire in the comedy club.

Craig Robinson Wasn’t “Killing” Him On His Comedy Show… Here’s Why!


Wouldn’t you know it, another senseless shooting in an unsuspecting place.

On Saturday night, gunfire flew throughout the Comedy Zone in North Carolina.

Moments before Robinson took the stage, a gunman opened fire and created absolute chaos.

A gunman opened fire in Comedy Zone before Craig took the stage

The Robinson fans fled to safety and according to law enforcement no one was injured.

The shooter reportedly flashed his gun as he entered the comedy room and fired at least one shot.

The comedian also fled to safety at the Metro Credit Union Amphitheater to catch the Big Time Rush show.

Craig Robinson on a ride

He took to social media to update fans on the situation.

“I play the Comedy Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina. There was an active shooter in the comedy club,” the actor explained. “So they moved us, there’s a gig going on and it’s Big Time Rush, so I thought I’d share it with you all. But yes, hello everyone.

Craig shares an update after the show was canceled

He took a moment to listen to the broadcast before continuing his update.

“Again, there’s an active shooter at the club I was at. So, we had to run to that gig. I’ll show you what it is,” he said.

Robinson then showed off the Big Time Rush gig and hype.

Fans of the “Hot Tub Time Machine” actor were quick to send their support and best wishes.

“Take care bro! one fan replied.

Celebrity arriving at Sundance Film Festivat at Salt Lake City Airport

This person commented, “This is scary as hell. Glad you’re safe. You should have stayed in Detroit.

“So glad you’re safe!! What an awesome guy you are to make a Live of this concert!! Got a new FOREVER FAN,” another “forever fan” wrote.

This comedy fan replied to Robinson’s post, “Man. I’m so sorry this happened and I’m glad everyone is safe. I’ve been a fan of stand-up comedy my whole life, and you were going to be the first pro I saw live. Glad you’re safe. See you soon, I hope!”

Unfortunately, his comedy show wasn’t the only place in America where absolute panic erupted.

Las Vegas was hit with a very scary situation the same night.

Mass Panic invades the Las Vegas Strip

Betting on the Las Vegas Strip

Tourists visiting the Vegas Strip were sent running for their lives after hearing a loud bang they mistook for gunfire.

You may remember a gunman, Stephen Paddock, who unloaded bullets and bullets at spectators during the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas in 2017.

He was placed in the 32n/a-floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, which overlooked the festival.

Paddock fired over 1,000 bullets killing 60 people and injuring over 400 people.

Luckily, for tourists in Vegas this time around, it was just a shattering glass door and not gunshots.

Either way, it sent the Las Vegas Strip into complete lockdown.

A visitor to the resort town of Aria filmed himself and hundreds of others fleeing the noise scene, running upstairs and into escalators while screaming in panic.

The video is disturbing, so please watch it with caution.

The spooky scene in Vegas

Twitter user @YearnMerlo shared the video and captioned it: “The stampede in question…at first security was telling people to get out and saw them arresting someone (who looked like a drunkard).”

Someone commented: “Wtf ru ok? We just left Aria.

Merlo replied, “Yeah, so good, didn’t see or hear anything, but apparently massive panic everywhere.”

Other tourists were spotted fleeing MGM and New York New York.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department later tweeted“Reports of a shooting near MGM tonight are unfounded. Initial reports are of a smashed glass door causing a loud noise that startled people in the valet area.


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