Coshocton Collaborative offering commercial assistance at several levels

  • Coshocton Collaborative received funding to create a business incubator, a coworking facility and a creative space.
  • It will be in the Chacos Building, former home of the Pastime Theater, at 538 Main Street.
  • The basement will be for the creation of articles and other creative endeavors.
  • The second and third floors will be for developing companies. The first floor will have internet access for students and others.

COSHOCTON – An old building on Main Street is looking to come back to life thanks to the Coshocton Collaborative, an initiative to develop new businesses, entrepreneurs and artists.

Announced earlier this summer, the Coshocton Collaborative will feature a unique manufacturing space, business incubator and co-working facility, while also providing office space for the Coshocton Port Authority and others. The renovations are estimated to take 18 to 24 months and the port authority is currently looking for an architect for the project.

It is also estimated that it will complete the purchase of the Chacos Building at 538 Main St next week. Moon Property Management purchased the building from Heritage Entertainment in 2010. It took over the building in 2000 and the plan to create the Coshocton Performing Arts and Conference Center ended around 2005. The project’s work can still be seen inside, such as frames. for locker rooms and drywall ready surfaces.

Chris, Pete and Ted Chacos bought the Colonial Theater in 1912. They renamed it Pastime Theater and a new structure was erected in 1925. In the 1980s it became a mini-mall.

Tiffany Swigert, Executive Director of the Coshocton Port Authority, discusses plans for the Coshocton Collaborative in the Chacos Building on Main Street.  This includes the use of the second and third floors for a business incubator.

Tiffany Swigert, director of the Port Authority, said the three-story building provides the space they need. While this was not part of the initial plans, there is also the hope of reviving the theater area for plays, concerts, films and more. She said it could really make the building a tourist attraction.

“Once the community sees what we see here as an asset, maybe they’ll be excited about it and maybe we can do a future campaign to make it happen. For now, we just know that it is. ‘is definitely an asset and deserves to be preserved, ”Swigert said. “There were incredible intentions in this building at one point. The fact that we have this here in this community and it’s not doing anything right now, we have to change that. If we’re able to do what we do. have to do in front of this building while maintaining it and preserving it for future use, that’s what we really want to do. ”

The port authority recently received a grant from JobsOhio’s Vibrancy Fund. The exact amount has not been announced. He also received $ 375,000 from the Coshocton Foundation and pursues other grants and donations. This includes working with the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association and the Economic Development Administration.

“The JobsOhio grant will help facilitate transformational and multifaceted growth in

Coshocton. This downtown redevelopment project will not only reallocate a beautiful building on Main Street, but it will provide a place for young and mature entrepreneurs, students and business people of all ages to explore their ideas, ” Swigert said. “We still have a lot of work to do. ahead of us, but we are confident in the partnerships we have built. Our partners are really excited about the vision created and they are doing all they can to help us cross the finish line.

What the building will include

The basement would be the manufacturing space with equipment for a wide variety of jobs. This could include a machine shop, a carpentry shop, and an artists’ studio. The challenges of ventilation need to be addressed. Small box-office spots can become recording studios for podcasts, webcasts, voiceovers and more.

The first floor would include offices for the CTA, the 3 for 3 Initiative, the Kent State University Small Business Development Center and the Coshocton Port Authority. It would also contain a co-working space. This would be for students who need a place to do their schoolwork and adults who need a place to work outside of the home. People could bring their own devices, but there would also be a computer lab with a shared copier and scanner.

The lobby of the old Pastime Theater in the Chacos Building on Main Street.  The Coshocton Collaborative, led by the Coshocton Port Authority, is seeking to take over the building.

“There is an element here where co-working means businesses that can work remotely from home. Maybe they work from home, but don’t have great service (internet) or maybe a home. with kids and they need a quiet place to conference or work or to network with other peers, ”said Swigert.“ We also want to be a place where our students can come after school and after school. use as a tutoring area and study center. “

The second and third floors would be a business incubator with space for around 20 offices. There could also be a common space for individuals to collaborate. This second floor is for people in the first or two years of a new business or project. Those in the third to fourth year would be on the third floor as they are a little further along in their journey.

Swigert said the idea would be for entrepreneurs to eventually move into their own space and no longer need the push and foundation that Collaborative offers. A business incubator is not about providing a permanent location, she said.

An upper floor of the Chacos building.  The Coshocton Collaborative envisions around 20 office spaces on the second and third floors.

“I have a 19 year old who thinks incredibly about entrepreneurship. I’m lucky enough to sit at the table and hear that and be able to help him cultivate that in him. How many other people don’t understand this opportunity? We want to create an environment where they are surrounded by these people, “said Swigert.” If there isn’t a place where it can happen or a house for it to happen. to happen, it is unlikely. We think this is the place. ”

The development of an event space right next to the theater area is also in the plans. This could be for private parties, pre-show events, and community links at street fairs and neighborhood parties.

“We want to be a warm and welcoming place that people want to come in and check out, but also a place that we can also separate at times,” she said. “We want this to be a place where everyone feels welcome.”

The balcony of the old recreation theater in the Chacos building.

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