Construction progress of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood


Construction on the first U.S. version of Super Nintendo World is well underway at Universal Studios Hollywood, although the expansion’s opening date is a guessing game at this point.

Earth open first at Universal Studios Japan. Hollywood will get a smaller version, minus the dark Yoshi’s Adventure ride, being built in the Lower Lot section of the park. You can spot it walking up Universal Hollywood Drive on Lankershin Boulevard.

The facade of the Mushroom Kingdom in September 2021 (Theme Park Tribune)

You will find a better view at the first level of the series of escalators connecting the Upper Lot and the Lower Lot inside the theme parks.

Looking down the Lot (Theme Park Tribune)

Super Nintendo World will sit alongside Transformers, Jurassic World and The Mummy on the Lower Lot (Theme Park Tribune)

On the next landing between the escalators, if you stand on the far left, you can get another amazing view of the building.

A close-up view further up the escalators (Theme Park Tribune)

Construction of walls in the Lower Lot (Park Tribune Theme)

A closer, but less revealing, view can be found during the park’s first few minutes of the Studio Tour, as you’ll come a few feet from the show building that will house the Mario Kart attraction. All your guide is likely to say is “this is not a soundstage, this is part of the theme park”.

The Mario Kart building seen from the Studio Tour (Theme Park Tribune)

A small opening to the Mario Kart building (Theme Park Tribune)

The Japanese version of the country may offer a guide on how to measure the progress of the Hollywood version, although an exact timeline is not possible thanks to the pandemic causing late delays in building the original version. In mid-June 2019 – a little less than a year before the original opening of the field in spring 2021 – scaffolding had been erected around and above the Mario Kart exhibition building, then was removed for reveal more characteristics of the land.

Hollywood has yet to reach that point, as the frames are still on display. We can safely estimate based on this comparison that Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World won’t open until mid-summer 2022, at the earliest, and Universal hasn’t announced any months or even years of. opening at this point.

But you don’t need a completed lot to sell loot!

(Grandstand theme park)

(Grandstand theme park)

(Grandstand theme park)

(Tribune theme park

The Universal Studios store on the Upper Lot currently sells Super Nintendo World merchandise featuring Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach, and Yoshi. There is also a selection of Mario Kart gear.

Does that mean Toad is wearing a hat? (Grandstand theme park)

A strange remark: the endless debate Whether Toad’s signature mushroom is actually a physical part of his body or just a hat apparently doesn’t matter when there is money to be made. You will be able to buy your own toad hat.


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