Comedic Pop Up Midterms at Santa Monica College – The


Santa Monica College (SMC) offers a wide variety of theater arts courses and an extensive theater arts program. This includes an acting class (TH ART 46) taught by Terrin Adir-Lynch in which a pop-up improv performance for their midterm on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. The performance drew a crowd in the main campus quad SMC as they acted for their rank. “I think that show went really well being so minimalist…we all got along really well,” said Safir Gravesande, a 22-year-old student in the theater arts department.

The improvised performance was loosely put together in two weeks. Although it could have been put together quickly, a lot of work and research went into this performance, “Florenda (Allie Jensen) and I sat and watched the ‘Notebook’ and ‘500 Days of Summer’ to get an idea to play lovers.” said Bernard Timmons II, a student in the theater arts department.

Classes like these give students a place to come out of their shell and every student interviewed had positive reviews when they spoke of the theater arts department at SMC, “SMC has honestly helped me a lot, even different teachers like Terrin and Eric Martin gave me different perspectives on acting and gave me different methods, but also growing as a person,” Timmons said when asked how SMC got an impact on his acting. “If you’re undecided, I recommend taking the acting class,” Gabriel Arce, 20, said of his class.

Other students like Gravesande echoed this idea that acting class could bring you out of your shell and make you a more confident person.


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