Closing of the fantasy musical in Beijing, a romantic scene dedicated to the ancient Khitan culture


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A fantasy musical featuring an image of the Khitan (or Qidan) tribe, a nomadic people in northern China, wrapped up its final performance at the Taihu Stage Art Center, a newly built branch of the National Center for the Performing Arts, on Sunday.

As a large-scale original musical, love of cranes takes the Liao dynasty (916-1125) as its background, an era named after the Khitan tribe that ruled the northern part of China, and incorporates elements such as the most representative Khitan octagonal bronze mirror. The story tells of the love-hate entanglement between humans and cranes, showing a story of romance and fantasy.

The Khitan Bronze Octagonal Mirror, one of the Khitan pieces discovered in China, contains written records of the culture, social activities and ideas of the Khitan people. The octagonal Khitan bronze mirror has the largest surface area and the longest text, which has significant academic value for studying the culture and ideas of the Khitan people in the Liao dynasty.

“We use the Khitan bronze octagonal mirror as the visual fulcrum of the stage, which is also the main element throughout the show. In addition, we also use crane feathers to create a poetic atmosphere,” said director Li Gang, who viewed the performance as a work of searching for cultural roots dedicated to his hometown of Baicheng, Jilin Province ( northeast China), the place where the Khitan nomads lived. under the Liao dynasty.

Also the music of the show aims to present diversity with an elegant and refined style, but at the same time, with rustic and raw elements to achieve a multidimensional musical texture.

“With a romantic aesthetic, the musical paints a wonderful picture of the unique grassland landscape and wilderness,” Li said.

love of cranes is the first performance at the Taihu Theater since its reopening after COVID-19. As a subsidiary of the National Center for the Performing Arts, it also has the most professional stage equipment in the country.


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