Carl Beery Moore Talks Making Midland Community Theater’s Fall Musical


Carl Beery Moore directed the fall 2022 musical “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” which airs through October 1.

File photo: Mayor Shinn (played by Carl Beery Moore) expresses his distrust of the mysterious traveling musician and his promises. Promotional photo from the dress rehearsal for the Midland Community Theater production of ‘Music Man’ pictured January 28, 2020 at MCT. The show will take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in February and March. MANDATORY CREDIT: The Oilfield Photographer, Inc.

The Oilfield Photographer/The Oilfield Photographer, Inc.

For 27 years, Carl Beery Moore has taught the theater arts to aspiring actors, actresses, playwrights and directors. Covering much of the Midland-Odessa region – Greenwood High School, Legacy High School, Trinity School and his latest, Odessa High School – the creative Moore has made his mark on the community, similar to the one he once called home. him.

Originally from New England – “born in Maine and raised in New Hampshire” – Moore moved to El Paso in fifth grade, staying in the border town until high school. In his early twenties, the artist began joining local theaters, acting in lead and supporting roles, and eventually landed a spot in the red director’s chair. With strong roots in acting, nothing seems more familiar to Moore than acting. So when Midland Community Theater reached out to the craftsman to direct the dramatic vision for its Fall 2022 musical production “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” the choice seemed clear.

“My answer is always ‘yes’ because the Midland Community Theater is a second home to my wife Jane and I,” Moore told The Reporter-Telegram. “We really like it and it keeps us very active. We both volunteer at the box office, concession stands, and costume shop.

From a seamless audition process to the opportunity to work on choreography with friend and colleague Clayton Cross – a former Pickwick player and Midland native – Moore finds joy and excitement in working behind the scenes, particular with a cast so perfectly suited to their roles, making its home in the theater all the more obvious.

“I love directing because you really get the opportunity to put your own idea into the story being told. You have more control, making sure the author’s intent is met throughout the story. Moore explained, “If you’re looking for a night where you’re going to laugh and not think, for a minute, about those situations that put you on your back, come see the show. You’ll forget about the troubles completely.”

Following the intriguing man-to-man manipulation, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” features audience interaction and an intimate seating arrangement, perfect for a night full of good times and musical mayhem. . Tickets can be purchased at


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