‘Bringing Up Bates’ Insider Claims Guardian Bates Is Courting: Photo


A Raising Bates the insider says that Warden Bates is officially dating. They shared a photo of Warden and his rumored girlfriend. Now fans are digging in and trying to get more details about the relationship. Keep reading to watch the pic and see what fans have to say.

Warden is 19 now, so he is of courting age. It is therefore possible that this is more than a rumor or speculation. For now, fans will have to wait and see if the Raising Bates the family is making an announcement soon. In the meantime, fans are keeping an eye out for clues.

See photo of Warden Bates and his supposed girlfriend.

In a new post on the Confessions of Duggar Bates instagram page, a fan submitted a photo of Warden with a young woman. Along with sharing the photo, the fan said, “I have inside information that Warden Bates is courting someone.”

It is unclear where they found this photo as it is not on Warden’s Instagram page. The Duggar Bates Confessions Instagram page reminds fans that this photo could be of Warden with a friend or fan and there is no official word from the family about them.

Below you can see a photo of Warden with his supposed girlfriend at Kings Island, which is an amusement park.

Confessions of Duggar Bates, Raising Bates

Raising Bates fans weigh in.

This same photo was reposted on Reddit, where fans continue to talk about the potential courtship. One fan pointed out, “Her body positioning indicates that she is very into him. Not just a friend posing for me.

At this point, the girl’s name is unconfirmed, but some believe her name is Mallory. She is one of the few girls Warden follows on social media who is not a family member.

Several fans also dug and found screenshots she posted of her text messages with Warden. She posted about them on her VSCO account, which is another social media platform. In a screenshot, she allegedly had a heart next to her contact name on her phone, further fueling the rumours.

So much Raising Bates fans are convinced they need to date. But for now, the family has not officially announced a courtship.

So, do you think Warden Bates is courting this young woman? Do you think they will officially announce it soon? Speak out in the comments section below and come back to AC TV Showse for more Raising Bates new.

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