Boy Meets World’s Danielle Fishel Is Developing Comedy Series, I’m With Her


Actress Danielle Fishwell known for playing Topanga in Beloved boy meets the world series and its derivative sequel A girl meets the world, partnered with co-executive Marc Blutman to create a college comedy titled I am with herDeadline reports.

This comedy about two middle schoolers, Ali and Atlas, brings opposites together to form an unlikely friendship. Ali is an influencer who creates fluffy content with little to no substance while Atlas content consists of better material but does not have the same popularity; the two then team up to share each other’s strengths. Atlas provides a knowledgeable voice on social issues for Ali, with the understanding that he will be included in his successful online show ‘3 Minutes With Ali’.


I am with her isn’t the first creative collaboration involving both Blutman and Fishel. While Fishel starred in boy meets the world, Blutman served as the show’s co-executive producer. He also continued to work on A girl meets the world for Disney Channel in 2014, with the series ending in 2017.

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Blutman is also set to write the pilot episode with Myles Guardian and Capri Sampsonwho are also ready to write wings of fire, an upcoming anime series for Netflix. Blutman and Fishel will serve as executive producers I am with her with Wonder Street Greg Weiss next to Eric Gaunard, and Paradiso Films. Fishel will also serve as director.

Fishel got his start in comedy making small appearances on shows like Full house and in movies like Harry and the Hendersons. In 1993, she finally starred in her breakthrough role in boy meets the world. Originally intended to be a small one-off role, Fishel’s character Topanga was so well received that she was upgraded to a series regular after a year. She would reprise the role for the show’s sequel series A girl meets the world.

It’s only fitting that two such influential and well-established creators support production that is both modern and classic. Speak with Deadline from I am with herBlutman mentioned the impact of social media, saying:

Social media is the engine of our world and the measure of the value of someone’s status is likes and followings. So it becomes easy for young children to get lost.

Fishel also talked about the impact of controversial topics these days and how I am with her will address these topics in a classic way, saying:

This is a critical time as children face all sorts of hot topics like social injustice, gun control, gender equality, race, politics, LGBTQ issues, a pandemic and Mark and I share the passion and belief that these kids need to be talked about now more than ever and so our aim is to deliver what 90s shows have mastered – Positive message hidden in humor, delivered by young characters that the audience can relate to and admire.

This show is tailor-made for today’s college kids, and it will be interesting to see what the show’s creators do with it. Not to mention that it will be awesome to see Fishel and Blutman’s work back on our screens.

Stay tuned to Collider for updates on I am with her.


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