Backburner Sketch Comedy season in full swing with preparations for “The Addams Family Show”


The Backburner Sketch Social Comedy at Lynd’s Fruit Farm. Credit: Courtesy of Paige Pennington

As the spooky season approaches, some campus-based performing arts organizations are working to make sure Ohio State students are having a blast – not a spin.

Ohio’s only sketch comedy group, Backburner Sketch Comedy, has announced their next production, “The Addams Family Show,” which will take place Oct. 29 at 7:30 p.m. ET. The club plans to bring its audience into the show with a Halloween costume. competition, and the show comes at an opportune time, said Keiya Satoh, a fourth year in environmental engineering and director of marketing and communications for the group.

Emmy Pratt, a fourth-year English speaker and group president, said that after being limited by pandemic restrictions, the members of Backburner Sketch Comedy are relieved to know that the future of the organization is bright.

“Being in the pandemic was very difficult for us to be able to do comedy, and I was a little worried about Backburner’s future,” Pratt said. “I really wanted to make sure he could survive after I graduate. ”

With their first performance of the “Ned’s Declassified OSU Survival Guide” season which took place last month, Pratt said the band members were pleasantly surprised at the level of familiarity they felt when they returned to productions. ” normal “.

“I didn’t really feel like things had changed so much, and I think it’s really due to the hard work on the part of the [executive] board of directors and so much hard work from our members, ”said Pratt.

Backburner Sketch Comedy is now gearing up for its new production, “The Addams Family Show,” and members are finding new ways to develop their comedic skills by incorporating audiences into their show with a Halloween costume contest, Satoh said.

Satoh said the club hopes to make the public feel like part of the group by handing out prizes such as pins and T-shirts to members of the public in disguise.

With the enthusiastic return to normalcy, however, comes a return to the challenges that come with sketching in-person comedy. Satoh said that when the most familiar examples of comedy skits are professional organizations like Saturday Night Live, it can seem impossible to meet people’s standards.

“They have the money to create the environment and do all of these different costumes and stuff,” he said. “We don’t have that, so our biggest job is to be able to represent the setting and the details that the audience won’t be able to see because for most of our shows it’s just a bunch of students at home. inside a room just playing.

Despite these obstacles, a common passion for just making others laugh drives everyone to work hard, Satoh said.

“Laughter is so contagious,” he says. “I don’t understand the science behind it, but I think it’s just beautiful.”

Pratt said building meaningful relationships within the group is essential for Backburner, and it’s easy to have a great experience with the club, even for those who don’t plan on pursuing acting in the future. . However, for those who want to integrate comedy into their lives and find a place to start, Pratt says Backburner Sketch Comedy is the place to be.

“There are no stand-up child prodigies,” said Pratt. “I think it’s cool because it’s a skill you can develop as an adult.”

Going forward, Backburner Sketch Comedy has also scheduled its “Backburner BuckeyeThon Performance” for November and the “Backburner Holiday Show” for December.

“I’m really excited to build that legacy for Backburner and make sure we’re able to, you know, keep going and keep doing comedic skits for years to come,” Pratt said.

Backburner Sketch Comedy will perform “The Addams Family Show” at the US Bank Conference Theater in Ohio Union. Free entry.

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