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The improv and comedy sketch group Asinine transformed the historic Fulton debate room, with its wood engravings and painted ceilings, into a lively comedy club at their Improv Cafe on Thursday night. All seats were occupied and students filled the stairs as Asinine’s comedians put on their 40-minute show.

The lights went out when the group kicked off the night of the comedy with a brief recorded skit. Introducing each of the 11 members, the premise of the skit was to highlight the various other talents of the actors. Stephanie Chamberlain, MCAS ’23, knocked on dorm doors pretending to sell cauldrons. In his original scene, Jack Foulsham, CSOM ’23, climbed the stairs across campus on its four limbs. Asinine and MCAS ’22 co-chair Quinn Kiernan wore a formal suit as he pretended to be a campus washroom attendant. Throughout the video, the comedians were shown fooling around as other BC students walked by unknowingly.

The show consisted of a series of improv games involving quick character changes, over-the-top accents, and occasional sexual innuendos. Margaret Dockrey, co-chair of Asinine and MCAS ’22, presented the first game titled “Pan Left, Pan Right”. Four performers lined up as Dockrey asked the audience for a word suggestion to initiate dialogue from the stage. When Dockrey gave a cue, the cast had to change characters, going from a surprise new mother to a delusional aspiring clarinet player.

In another game, four of the comedians sat in chairs pretending to be radio hosts. Paxton Decker, MCAS ’24, made the crowd laugh as he hosted a Christian rock radio show while singing Black Sabbath. Madelyn Schwartz, MCAS ’24, was laughed at as a fanatic host of a dusk series show.

Throughout the night, the band wowed the crowd with their quick wit and comedic skills. The crowd laughed the night away and when the performers asked the audience for suggestions, they were greeted with extremely enthusiastic shouts from the crowd.

Other band members include Gracie Murnane, MCAS ’25, Daniel Strickland, MCAS ’25, Sara Litteken, Lynch ’24, Audrey Davis, MCAS ’23 and Madeleine Bamberger, MCAS ’24.

Another improv game the comedians played involved creating a humorous dialogue by going through the alphabet and spitting out sentences starting with the next letter. The group closed the show with a series of ridiculous scenes that jumped out of a character putting their hands into a lobster tank followed by detectives looking for missing krill to an impression of Steve Irwin, the Australian zookeeper. which was also known as “The Crocodile Hunter.”

Last spring, the group, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, was able to host a masked show outdoors. But, Thursday night’s rowdy spectacle marked a return to indoor performances for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was so nice to finally have a crowd, especially after COVID, and everyone was so alive,” Bamberger said.

Featured Images By Ikram Ali / Height Editor

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