Andre Hyland and Daniella Pineda on the set of “In Town” in Cincinnati


You’ll be seeing a lot of Andre Hyland and Daniella Pineda in the coming weeks. You might even see them filming in town In the city.

Hyland, a graduate of Indian Hill High School, and Pineda, whose credits include The vampire diaries, the originals and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, finish filming their In the city independent feature film Tuesday. Then they return home to Los Angeles to start promoting their new streaming projects – Hyland’s Guilty Party with Kate Beckinsale on Paramount + on Thursday October 14 and Pineda is highly anticipated Cowboy Bebop on Nexflix on November 19.

They shot most of the In the city last July and returned late last week to wrap up the comedy Hyland is directing from his own screenplay. Both are producers. They shot in Clifton, Northside, Downtown and Owensville in Clermont County.

Courtesy of André Hyland

Daniella Pineda plays a Cincinnati Police Detective in “In Town”, in addition to producing the film with Andre Hyland.

“With COVID, I was away from my family for a year and a half, so it was a good excuse to come back for an extended period,” Hyland said. “I’ve come here and shot short films and a few TV segments over the years, but this is the first single feature film I’ve shot in Cincinnati.”

He saw a lot of his family during the filming since they are in the movie.

“My older brother Adam plays a big role in it as a police officer. Both my parents are in the movie, and all my siblings are in it. So does my uncle, and a lot of friends I grew up with. , including musician Yoni Wolf, ”he said.

In the film, Hyland plays an unemployed musician who returns to Cincinnati. It’s “an idiot’s odyssey,” he says, which describes most of Hyland’s past comedy projects for MTV, Comedy Central, Funny or Die, TruTV, the old Fuel channel, or his Funnel Short film that Rolling Stone called “one of the 12 must-see films of the Sundance Film Festival” in 2014.

Kate Beckinsale, Andre Hyland in GuiltyParty Paramount + .jpg

Courtesy Paramount +

In “Guilty Party”, Kate Beckinsale stars as a disgraced reporter trying to revive her career by doing an investigative story involving low level gun smuggler Wyatt Plimpton (Andre Hyland).

Pineda says she plays the police detective “on her trail of trouble”.

Later this week, Hyland will be seen in Paramount + Guilty Party 10-episode series as low-level gun smuggler, “numb coke head with 13-year-old sense of humor” investigated by discredited reporter (Beckinsale) trying to save his career.

In November, Pineda plays Faye Valentine in Netflix Cowboy Bebop, a live-action adaptation of the cult Japanese animated series. Pineda, John Cho and Mustafa Shakir play as three “cowboy” bounty hunters chasing dangerous criminals across the universe.

“Our show is a springboard for the anime,” says Pineda, a Mexican-American actress, writer and comedian from Oakland, Calif. “Our show is really comedic, luscious and smooth, and our jazz score makes our show really original. You can’t really compare it to anything else. It’s in the area of Kill Bill and Star wars.

Diniella Pineda in COWBOY BEBBOP as Faye Valentine.jpg

Courtesy of Netflix

Daniella Pineda stars as Faye Valentine in “Cowboy Bepop”, based on the Japanese animated series.

After these series ended, Hyland and Pineda came to Cincinnati to shoot In the city with a much smaller budget last summer. Making independent “do-it-yourself in a garden” films gives director-writer-producer-actor Hyland complete creative freedom.

“The good thing about the DIY garden approach is that you’re just going to do it, and it exists,” he says.

In the city should be edited and locked by next summer. Then he’ll submit it to Sundance, South by Southwest, and other big movie festivals.

“I’ve had quite a bit of success or luck, whatever you call it, at festivals, over the past few years, but it’s nothing you can count on,” he says. “I have no doubts that we are making a good film that we are both proud of and happy with.”

The duo’s next project is an “action-adventure romantic comedy” starring Pineda written by Hyland. He describes it as “a bit like True romance and Calm your enthusiasm mixed together. “

“There are a lot of different routes for movies,” he says. “It’s a good thing about our ever growing fractured entertainment system.”

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