Amber Ruffin revisits post-match Olympics interviews



Amber Ruffin, comedian and host of “The Amber Ruffin Show” on NBC’s streaming platform Peacock, added a twist to post-match interviews with athletes as part of her on-field coverage of the Games from Tokyo.

“Interviewers ask stressful questions like, ‘Do you know everyone is counting on you?’ Ruffin said gruffly in one video, waving his finger at the camera.

But not Ruffin. His style reached a slightly lighter note.

“Question number one: do you know you did an amazing job? Ruffin asked athletes, including Sarah Sponcil and Kelly Cales, two American beach volleyball players, as they left the competition venues.

Ruffin also spoke to players from Canada, Kenya and Switzerland, injecting his questions with heartwarming comedic relief that elicited laughter from all athletes.

Ruffin, former writer and performer of “Late Night With Seth Meyers”, covered his first Olympics. In addition to his exit interviews, Ruffin also featured segments like “Athletes tell jokes»And even participated in his own Olympic event she nicknamed “artistic weightlifting”.

Ruffin isn’t the only one making the Olympics more fun. Actress Leslie Jones uses Twitter and Instagram to share her real-time reactions to virtually every event, imbued with the same excitement and passion as her brought to past Olympics and to “The iron Throne. And comedian and actor Kevin Hart and rapper Snoop Dogg, who co-host a flagship show on Peacock, recently went viral for their commentary on one of the equestrian events of the Games in which they describe how a horse does the crip walk throughout its routine.



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