A theme park employee reportedly lost a foot in a freak accident


Six Flags owns and operates 27 different theme parks around the world, including parks in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a 135-acre animal theme park located in Vallejo, California, just off Interstate 80 between San Francisco and Sacramento.

The park, like all other Six Flags, features a variety of thrilling roller coasters and other rides.

Credit: Six Flags

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Six Flags claims there’s a lot to “WOW!” Thrilling coasters, never-before-seen culinary creations, new attractions each season, and world-class entertainment that will get you on your feet, to name a few! Read on for exclusive info about the park for your next family visit, right at your fingertips Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or days of fun at a theme park, the details are just a click away.

Recently, a shocking incident took place at the theme park and so far has not been widely reported.

Credit: Six Flags

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Apparently, on May 31, a Six Flags employee was working on one of the park’s attractions. The employee was placed in a harness and lifted quite high. Somehow, due to human or technical error, the worker’s foot got stuck and was eventually “cut off”.

A guest has shared a shocking and graphic photo he took of the aftermath. The photo captured the worker hanging from his harness with his entire left foot missing. The picture is linked herebut we warn you again that the photo is incredibly graphic and can be considered disturbing.

Credit: Six Flags

The specific ride appears to be the Dare Devil Chaos Coaster. In the Youtube video link below, you can see what appears to be this employee being carried away on a stretcher:

In the comments section, one user claims to have visited the park during this incident, saying:

For those wondering, I was there that day as a guest and overheard many other guests saying that a maintenance man was working on the Dare Devil ride and he committed a fault, fell and cut his foot, apparently a lot of people saw it too. I don’t know if that’s the exact case, but if so, that’s really interesting because it’s very rare for a ride to break down like that when a maintenance person is working on it because from what i know they have to go through a lot of protocols of shutting off the power to the amusement ride before they work on it.

At the time of publishing this article, we do not know the condition of the injured worker or how the situation actually began. We also don’t know what happened after the employee was carried away in the stretcher shown in the video above. We’ll update our story when/if more information comes out.

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