‘A lot of assumptions have been made…’: Comedian Vir Das posts video after Bengaluru show canceled


Vir Das posted a video shortly after his show in Bengaluru was canceled after protests from Hindu Janajagruthi Samiti who alleged he was insulting the Hindu religion.

bangalore,UPDATED: Nov 12, 2022 9:27 a.m. IST

Vir Das’ show in Bengaluru was canceled following protests from a right-wing group.

By Sagay Raj: Stand-up comic Vir Das released a video on Friday after his show in Bangalore was canceled following pressure from Hindu Janajagruthi Samiti, a right-wing organization who claimed the comic’s show was hurting “Hindu sentiments and cast India in a bad light”.

“In this context, it is not fair to allow such a controversial person to hold such a program in a sensitive community area like Bengaluru. While Karnataka is already facing many law and order issues due to ‘community incidents, such occurrences could vitiate public order,” the group wrote in a police complaint against Vir Das. Following this, the November 11 event was canceled.

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Vir Das responded with a tweet saying he had no interest in “being used for headlines” and posted a video recorded during one of his previous shows.

“I made this video after one of my shows, Just in case. I have no interest in media shows or being used for headlines. I’m an artist. I shouldn’t do this. ‘news. Many assumptions are made about my content. . I trust my art and my audience to speak for me,” he tweeted.

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In the two-minute clip, Vir Das often says that a comedy show happens because people make assumptions about what’s going on on the show and asks his audience: Have we targeted a specific religion here tonight? ? No, the audience said in unison.

“Have we targeted any particular government or leader here tonight,” he asks again. The answer is no.

“Did this show defame India or shame you for being Indian?” “No,” responds the audience.

Earlier, Vir Das had courted controversy over a monologue he delivered as part of his performance in the United States, with many social media calling him out for “insulting India”.


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