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With the men’s and women’s basketball schedules released earlier in September, fans are excited to see what this season has in store. As the new season approaches, team members Junior Brooke Anya, Senior Anne-Hamilton Leroy and new Head Coach Erika Lang-Montgomery shared their feelings about this season and how they prepared for this coming season.

After last year’s incredibly groundbreaking season, a lot is expected of the team. But Lang-Montgomery said: “I don’t feel any pressure because it’s a new season and a new team. And I’m thrilled to lead them. Teammates Anya and Leroy shared their feelings and the team’s feelings at the start of this season saying, “I think there’s a lot of excitement, because of course what we’ve accomplished the last year, but also like Coach E was just talking about writing our own history as a new team. Anya then says, “On top of that, we’re all different and we step into different roles. It’s going to be even more exciting with these new groups of women. After last year’s season, the team consisted of only seven girls, but after recruitment, the team added six girls to the roster, leaving the team with 13 girls.

With the first game of the season scheduled for November 7eLang-Montgomery says the team will approach this season the same way it always does, “We don’t anticipate the next [game]. We focus on whoever is right in front of us.” Leroy adds, saying, “I think a lot too, as Coach E said, is also in our preparation. For many of us, we have seen these adversaries before. But Leroy says that won’t stop their new signings this season either, “Based on their previous experiences and the way they’ve played, bringing that to our team, will allow us to best approach the conference schedule. .” Lang-Montgomery says she expects her players to arrive with the right mindset and be mentally and physically strong. With that, she says, “The mental approach…being ready, before being ready…you know, I expect them to be in top shape, conditioning is really a big part of the game.” Lang-Montgomery also believes teamwork will play a big role in a successful season. She says, “This summer we spent a lot of time together and had a lot of fun getting to know each other and getting to know each other. And become a great basketball team.

As the new season draws closer and closer, Coach Lang-Montgomery is just thrilled to have the season started saying, “I’m really happy to be here. I am excited about the upcoming season. Lang-Montgomery described his experience as “going to an amusement park, and you have fun all day, and then you come home and you’re just exhausted. But then you have so much fun the night before that you want to go back to the amusement park. And it’s a bit every day.

La Rotonde will continue to keep up to date with the start of the season and to cover the next matches.


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